Had Enough Yet?

Can one ever have enough of Doris Day? If so, I apologize for the double dose of songs from "Please Don't Eat the Daisies", but the movie was such a hit around here that we keep watching these videos, singing the songs and dancing around the house.

Thanks for the reminder, Ms. Day, that love has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Luckily, I don't often experience the roller coaster emotions sometimes accompanied by love. George and I walk a pretty steady path together, but we hit a little dip this weekend. We're on our way up and out of the ditch we created together, but there is no high in sight. I'd just be happy to get back to our stable status.

For now, I will sing and dance with my children and continue my google search for the perfect ukulele. Perhaps I will find another Doris Day movie to watch. I haven't seen "That Touch of Mink" in ages, though the kids would probably love "With Six You Get An Eggroll"; and maybe one day soon I'll experience some "Pillow Talk" again.


  1. I guess I need to get me some Doris Day. Or are they all reserved at the library? huh??

  2. I love Doris Day! One of my film professors in college was friends with her and he'd play at least one of her movies every semester and sing along at the top of his lungs. Because really, how can you not?

    I'm glad you and George are finding your way out of the ditch together. My experience is that the high isn't right next to the ditch. It's down the road aways. You'll get there.

  3. Never enough Doris Day. I've been in those ditches with my husband. No fun getting out. The only way, for us, and the part that we hate is having to not be right. Because of course, we are both so right! But we end up choosing relationship over being right. blech. : )

  4. I thought maybe I loved you... but now I know for sure. I'm the biggest fan of old movies. Doris, and Audrey get me every time.

    Hope that high is right around that corner!

  5. I hope the ditch was not created on Electric St. Love you Molly!

  6. loooove doris day. "pillow talk" and "touch of mink" at least once a year. and i loved "please don't touch the daisies"!

  7. Man I just wrote a long comment and it didn't stick :(. Here we go again. Doris Day sounds cool, must check her out. AND being in the ditch sucks big time, we've been there many a time. Time, love, and margaritas help. Go get yourself a ukelele, who can't be happy around a little ukelele. I even love typing the word ukelele ukelele ukelele ukelele. yep that is it for sure, the magic combo Time Love Margarita and Ukelele. good luck!!

  8. Oh my, I've been in many a ditch myself. Thank God for Doris Day and for friends who love you, which we all do Miss Molly! I'll be mentally helping you with the shovel...

  9. Oh, geeze, the ditch
    I've been in the ditch so often, I'm still cleaning out my fingernails...
    I've been in the ditch so many times, I put an address and a mailbox outside
    I've been in the... (I got a million of these)... you call it the ditch, I call it home sweet home...see what I mean!
    This is what I mean about disharmony being over-rated.

    but you know everytime I crawl out of that ditch, I'm a little different person, little more humble, little more grateful, little less sure I have all the RIGHT answers.
    Hmmm I wish I could get a guarantee that I'm a better person, not just a different person.
    Well, I'll bet by the time you get this you'll already be climbing up to Everest with those cuties you got leading the way!
    I love ya (in or out)

  10. I love doris day and this is probably my most favorite movie...also I would like one of those cages for my youngest.


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