I Need to Learn How To Play The Ukulele

And sing like Doris Day.


  1. That is so funny, in the San Francisco chronicle this weekend there was a whole article about how Ukelele playing is coming back in big time. I think you should take it up, what fun!!

  2. Hey Have you ever checked out pandora.com ??
    It is a free site devoted to music. You type in an artist ie, "Lilly Allen" and site will set up a station of all similar sounds. Very cool, esp if you feel out of the loop and bored (myself) You probably know about it already. I was introduced to it a while ago by super hip, young Whitman students. I'm hooked.

  3. If you sang that song to me like that, I promise I won't eat the daisies!

  4. sigh of joy. It has been so long since I watched Doris Day. I love these old movies. I remember actually seeing this one in Boston on our simple black and white tv when I was about ten. It's a faded memory but still there. I'm so glad that I took a break form de-cluttering to be revived here. You're good for that.

  5. noah can teach you on the 22th

  6. Thank you for the sweet distraction.


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