Mental Health Day

Aidan has been telling me for a while now that he wants to take a day off school (weekly enrichment class) and he doesn't want to play with any friends. His actions certainly back up his words. He hasn't been very nice to friends and relatives lately, and I apologize to those of you who have received his fury. One night last week, while laying in bed, he said, "Mom, I don't want to play with anybody tomorrow, just my stuffed animals". So today, he got what he asked for.

Meet Penguin and Lion (sporting a new haircut because apparently his hair grew out).
Aidan can play for hours and hours with these little guys. He is so sweet to them, though when he experiences a burst of testosterone and feels the need to throw one of them against the wall, they don't seem to mind so much.

I admire that Aidan knows what he wants (or needs) and can communicate these needs to us. Of course, sometimes this communication comes in the form of unbecoming behavior. I am learning to read Aidan's behavior rather than punish him. I have believed for years that the best way to deal with such behavior is to remove the child from the situation causing said behavior. With the help of the book The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart by Jan Hunt I am learning more about discipline without punishment. I only wish I had found this book sooner.

So today, while Avery was at school, I read and Aidan played with his stuffed buddies. I guess it was a mental health day for both of us, because I must say he is still happy and I am feeling much better.

Just in case you were missing Doris Day, here's another dose.


  1. Cute pics of Aidan. What about blue bear? Where is blue bear? :)
    We all need a mental health day sometimes. Some more than others...

  2. What a beautiful little boy! And what a wise woman to make room for a mental health day. Doris Day should be helping with that, right?! With your mental health?! Yes, sure ; )

  3. Mental health days are the best. We take them whenever the kids just get too cranky to deal with school. It's better for everyone.

  4. what a beautiful life you are offering.

    i'm giving naomi one tomorrow...


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