For August

My niece August is celebrating her birthday today a long, long way from home. She is in Chile for a year, continuing her studies in Spanish. We celebrated her birthday last month on the eve of her departure, and here's what I made for her.

a bag for august

I used the Summer Serendipity bag pattern from Handmade Kate, slightly modifying the overall size of the bag and narrowing the shoulder strap.


I was inspired to make this bag when I saw August earlier this summer carrying an adorable black and white striped bag with a big yellow banana applique. I immediately imagined a black umbrella applique on this rainbow fabric that has been in my stash for years.


It seems to me this bag is prepared for just about any occasion, rain or shine. I'm thrilled to no end that the bag is roaming the brightly painted streets of Chile, on the shoulder of an equally bright young woman.

Oh to be young, abroad and August. Happy birthday!


  1. August, born in August.

    The bag is wonderful!

  2. I love this bag... thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog every day.

  3. oh, I love all the topstitching. what a beautiful - and useful - gift!

  4. oh, I love it!!! great applique work!

  5. very cute bag!! I'd love a cute bag like that :D

  6. great gift for a gal with a great name :o)

    the bag is so cute!


  7. What a lucky girl on all counts!
    Wonderful gift!
    Happy Birthday to you August!

  8. really beautiful bag, Molly.
    and i love the name august.

  9. I am inspired to make a bag.

  10. I love that August's name is August...how perfect. I do love that name so much...and that bag!

  11. and umbrellas and rainbows definitely go hand in hand.

  12. Wow, what an amazing bag!!! I love the rainbow coloured fabric and the umbrella looks great...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  13. SWEET!! Love it, August is a lucky girl to have an auntie like you! :o)

  14. Molly-
    Beautiful. Your aesthetic is so unique, gorgeous. Your gifts are endless, it seems. I mean, seriously, I almost can't say how much I love your style.
    And we love love love the Smally pic. It's on the fridge and Benen is totally gaga over it, but now I gotta keep him from puttin gthe girls on my laptop!

  15. Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while and just had to comment. My niece, Morgan is also doing a study abroad program for Spanish in Chile. Love the bag you made for your niece.


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