Feeling Quiet

So how about another haiku.

leaves in the river

It's starting to feel just a little bit like fall here. Forecast in the seventies tomorrow, with a chance of thunder showers. I predict some baking. I'm feeling quiet but happy this week.


  1. Same here.

    it's cool today, have some canning to do.

  2. I was thinking the SAME THING this morning after letting the chickens out. It is 54 degrees and I can smell fall in the air. It makes me excited. Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

  3. I love summer but there is something about fall that I love even more.

  4. lovely :-)
    i can't wait for fall either. my favorite season!

  5. Oh no! Not fall yet! My tomatoes aren't even red!

    Who am I kidding: September is the hottest month of all close to the SF Bay. But it is nice to have a few fall-like days to force the quiet and the cuddles. And the contemplative haikus...

  6. I have to say I am enjoying our break of cooler weather but I am not ready to give up summer just yet.

    I will gladly embrace autumn in September/ October.

  7. I was thinking about baking, too. I love when there's an option of turning on the oven anytime during the day ;)

  8. baking is the perfect activity for today, I woke up and had to but a sweatshirt on!

  9. I'm probably a bit late on this, but your new banner is so warming. I love it. I, too, am feeling quiet. I wish it were seventies weather down here. Texas is still hovering around 100!

  10. I am insanely jealous! We are still in the upper 90's here, and the humidity this week has been off the charts. I'm looking ahead eagerly for cooler days.

  11. I miss film photography, the way the images floated into being.

    Thanks for the nice memory. (But I'm not ready for autumn; we haven't really had summer here yet.)

  12. i've been pining for fall lately, in that never happy with what you've got sort of way.

    all planting and harvesting aside, i would be quite happy with spring,fall,spring,fall,spring,fall.

    enjoy your quiet.

  13. I so enjoy your haiku's...
    I'm feeling it here too except it is impending spring and a stirring excitement.


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