Spring Break

Hence my absence, not just on my blog, but in general. I'm in major check out mode.

Which explains why I let my son sit in the kitchen sink and eat chocolate cake batter. I should mention he is wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and possibly the day before.

The chocolate cake batter is from my first attempt at a gluten and dairy free cake. I've modified my favorite cake recipe; I'll report back if it's edible.

chickens like chicken wire

Taking a cue from the chickens, we are loafing about and eating our way through the days. Unlike the chickens, we are not eating my blueberry bushes. Excuse me while I go shoo the girls away from my precious plants.

It's a darn good thing we have a lot of chicken wire. I have some fencing to do.

Here's a few posts that I've really enjoyed this week:

Is She Poor Like Us? by Peculiar Momma

Living a Complex Life by Mommycoddle

Just Be Nice by Blue Yonder

If You Give A Kid A Camera by Mackville Road

I haven't been doing much making outside of the kitchen lately (made this soup twice), but I think I'll make some time next week for this bath mat. Maybe a smaller version to go on the counter for drying dishes too.

We're taking our show on the road today. Going down to my mom and dad's to do some more eating and loafing about; taking chocolate cake and black bean soup. Making the most of a rainy spring break. Even going to see a movie - a rare treat indeed for our family. Here's a little preview.

Don't hold it against me, but I'm loving this song.

I'm hoping to check back in by Tuesday when the big yellow bus returns to our hood, maybe even get some clean clothes on my boy. See ya'll next week!


  1. oh my! the chicks are growing! have a great spring break!


  2. OH boy, do I have spring breaks in my future? It is too weird to consider.
    Let us know abou the choc cake. I'd like to try it.
    Missing you. So much happening here. Looks like life is loving on you.

  3. You mean your children don't wear the same clothes for days on end?

    Oh, watch those chickens and the blueberry bushes. The bushes have shallow roots and chickens love to dust in soft soil. The birds can make it impossible to keep mulch around the plants too. And they seem to know when you aren't looking.

  4. have a great break molly! see you when you return.

    i'm thinking we're going to need a lot of chicken wire too! thank goodness i lucked into a neighbor getting rid of a ton of wire fencing. this will be the foundation of our chicken yard. and the huge pile of willow from the lady down the street... what should that become? i just love useful free stuff!

  5. Have a wonderful trip Molly! I'm glad you liked my post. Thank you for the link.

    I simply can not believe my chickens will be so big so soon!!! Pictures, pictures ... must take pictures!

  6. Oh, btw, I finally changed outfits on myself today after, I don't know, three or four days. Perfectly normal!

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  8. HA! What is spring break when you homeschool??? I want the kids OUT of the house on spring break so "I" can have a break!!!


    I love your pics Molly - I need to get some lessons from you, I stink.

  9. I am so glad I am not the only one that goes into 'check out mode'...that's where I am at today...although i still have to come up with matzah ball soup, haroset, matzah crack, colored eggs, baskets etc....

    you know, regular check out mode!!!

    have a great weekend!

  10. We are having something like spring break here at the cottage. My boys and my little girl are enjoying the time off, but not mommie - we are busier this week than most times.

    Enjoy your break and let us know about the recipes you are trying out.


    Lady M

  11. So that's why they call it chicken wire. Look how they're attracted to it. Like magnets.

  12. first the chickens and now the hoedown throwdown?! ;^)

    the kid eating cake batter in the sink made me feel right at home.

  13. Loafing about is one of my favorite ways to spend vacation --- and any other day too!! Glad for your opportunity.

  14. I made your chocolate cake yesterday. It was a big hit! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. I think those chickens have the right idea - loafing and eating - the stuff of happy days!


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