Dinner at the Table

It has been a while since the family gathered around the table to share a meal. The island is just so much closer to the sink and seats three comfortably when daddy is at work. Also, as my daughter tells her friends, the dining table is her school. It is hard to find room for plates among the stacks of books, journals, drawings and crayons. Oh, and the mail I love to ignore. Since dinner was ready relatively early and daddy was home, I announced that dinner would be served in the dining room. My children must have been pleased by this arrangement, for they gathered flowers and my daughter made color coordinated place cards for each place setting. Dinner was wonderful. Sometimes clearing the table is worth the effort.

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  1. I love this post. I am a 50-year-old grandmother who had three children of my own. I vaguely remember my kids doing this. I more easily remember my sister and I doing this very thing. We had no dining room, it was the kitchen table that had to be cleared of all our craft and art materials while Mom was cooking. Good memories.

    I like the photo with this post. I am curious, what kind of beverage is in your glass? It looks so refreshing!



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