Cool as a Cucumber

It's a funny thing how food seeps into one's subconscious, and the body has a memory for tastes. My family has rediscovered the cucumber this year, and we cannot get enough. Last summer I began slicing them and sprinkling a little rice vinegar on top. My son usually wipes out the bowl before I am done setting the table. My mom called the other day and asked if I remembered the recipe for a cucumber salad our friends used to make. She only remembered it had vinegar and soy sauce. All the sudden it dawned on me that my vinegar/cucumber concoction was not a new idea. I had eaten it before, almost twenty years ago. After several emails across the nation, the rest of the recipe came forth:

Cucumber, thinly sliced
Vinegar (I prefer rice vinegar, but feel free to experiment)
Soy Sauce
Black Pepper
Pinch of Sugar
Some Chili Pepper Water for heat

Mix ingredients and let marinate, if you can wait that long.

Make a cucumber salad and a tasty memory.

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  1. hmmm Chili Pepper Water is a new thing for me. Mr Google had plenty of ideas on how to make it though! I love it when I learn new things. <3 Can't wait to try this, it sounds delicious.



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