Sometimes I Forget

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"I've got a perfect body, 
but sometimes I forget.
I've got a perfect body 
'cause my eyelashes 
catch my sweat."
~ Regina Spektor

Like most people, I have a laundry list of things I'd like to change about my body.  Just this morning, drinking coffee in bed, I rattled off a short version of my list to my husband.  I even put a price tag on such changes.  

"That's the price of a car," he said.

"Yep.  And just like a car, I'll depreciate," I said.

I got up, made a second pot of coffee, put my ipod on the dock and put "Folding Chair" on repeat.  It's become my mantra.  It got me through 30 rope climbs at the gym the other day.  It got me my first muscle up today.  It will get me through my first CrossFit Open workout this Saturday.  

"I've got a perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat.  Yes, they do, they do."

My body does what I push it to do.  Not always the first time I ask, but eventually.  My body is perfect.  My eyelashes do indeed catch my sweat.

Your body is perfect too.  Yes, it is, it is.  Work up a sweat and you'll know it's true.  Yes, you will, you will.  

Then come and open up your folding chair next to me.  We'll tear up our laundry lists and scatter them in the breeze.


  1. I worked up a sweat this morning--does that mean I can come open my folding chair next to you? Because I would love to. It's been way too long.

    I can't believe that you can lift that set of weights! You are simply amazing. Now I know who to call if my car ever rolls on top of me. Hope you can drive down from the foothills real quick. :-)

  2. Congratulations on your muscle up today!!! Our gym does their CrossFit Open workouts on Thursdays - and I thought the regular WODs were challenging?! I'll cheerlead you on from my folding chair in San Jose.

    Thanks for this blog entry today. I don't comment often, but do read when you write.

    Best of luck to you ~ Conny

  3. I don't know that song; I will have to check it out. You are awesome Molly!

  4. Thought of you this morning as I worked up a sweat. That weight is quite impressive. You are quite powerful and I would love to pull up a long chair.

  5. "I've got a perfect body
    'cause my eyelashes
    catch my sweat."

    Those words are so timely for me right now!
    I'm going to carry that with me...maybe forever.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. morning friend, sorry if this double posts....

    have fun today charging through the first open wod! i'm leaving in a few to do it also, though not with the crew who are participating in the open (maybe next year!) i'll be thinking of you and all your badassery and striving to channel mine ;)


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  11. yes! i CF and i LOVE this post M! thank you! tear up the list! xo jennette

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  13. God, I've missed this space. Been away too long.


    Happy Spring. (I'm getting old, too.)



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