What To Do About Sundays

According to our resident adolescent, Sundays suck. I remember feeling the same way when I was her age. Sundays meant the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week. Sundays were bad because Mondays were worse. I'm determined to make Sundays suck a little less for our family, because let's face it - if the adolescent ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

A surefire way to improve any day is a change of scenery. Pack a picnic, load up the snowshoes, don't forget the sunscreen, and hit the road. Go somewhere you've never been before.



miner's lettuce in an old mining town

A lake. A snowy trail. An old mining town. A road never traveled.

The adolescent, though she'd never admit it, seemed slightly happier (especially after the snowshoes came off). The boy said several times on the way home, "I feel good." The mom and dad think they've found an answer to the Sunday problem, at least for now.


  1. What an amazing plant growing out of that brick wall... I wonder what it may be?

    Im glad you solved the problem for at least one day!

  2. oh, i completely know that feeling! i get the sundays suck comment regularly! you've inspired me though....

  3. Ah, the resident adolescent....

    Perhaps I could become a pen pal, and regale bored teenagers with long letters about what Sundays were like in a convent boarding school. Then they could rightly declare that getting letters from England in the post sucks, big time.....

  4. We recently did something similar...having two teen boys in the house who are always bored and SO over their parents, we packed up one rainy afternoon and took a drive to the coast. We stopped at an amazing outcropping of rocks and they climbed like billy-goats. Then we headed a bit more down the road to our favorite roadside seafood deli for dinner. Everyone's attitude was much more relaxed...and loving...by the time we hit the road to head home. Amazing what a change of scenery can do...

  5. Tell Avery I feel the same way about Sundays! I love Friday (afternoons - I'm off work) and Saturday though.

  6. yay - a snowshoe is always a good cure for the blues. Maybe I should try to find some snow right now.

  7. I'd do your Sunday any day of the week. Although I also remember finding Sundays slightly depressing when I was a teenager -- too mellow, I guess. What was I thinking?! Now i love me a good ol' mellow Sunday.

  8. Sounds like a magical change. Sometimes it requires a change of scenery to break out of a rut. I love the snowshoes with shorts.

  9. Sounds like her jar is in need of living water. The quiet moments reveal what the busy ones can not.

  10. I like what MN mum said . . .

    Glad you got them out, a cure all indeed!

  11. I just saw that strange plant in Topanga Canyon, CA. That same one!


    I'm dying to know what it is...do you know????

  12. FOund you while blog-surfing...
    Lovely post, , lovely blog...nice to meet you. : )

  13. Too funny. I remember the same feeling at that age, although our Sunday mornings were full of being in a hurry to dress up and get to church, and me throwing a fit over having to wear something other than my chucks and jeans...tears were shed on Sundays.
    Your sunday day trip sounds lovely.

  14. Sounds like it would make a nice Sunday tradition, even if it was once a month. Great idea. Found you blog-surfing also. Nice post and I like your blatering idea (hope I got that right).

  15. yeah, I think I need to make a greater effort to make Sundays not suck so much. I remember not liking them as a kid either. I just meant school the next day. ha! if only i had school the next day, now!

  16. The plant is miner's lettuce and it's edible.
    I enjoyed your post. My teens and I get out hiking and exploring regularly. Some of the best ideas get explored, problems tackled, and stories are told on those walks.


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