Take Me Out To the Ball Game

bokeh ball

The game was late.
The bleachers were cold.
The other team was bigger and better older and more experienced.
The game was exciting - I found myself on my feet cheering more than once.
And even though his team didn't win, he scored his first run of the season.
It was the perfect spring evening.


I read an interesting post on Kora Organics the other day, titled "Do You Give Your Power Away?" The first sentence got me thinking:

"WHEN WE BLAME another, we give our power away because we’re placing the responsibility for our feelings on someone else." Louise Hay

I'm so over blame. I no longer care who did what, who said what, and why. Why does there have to be a reason for everything that happens, a person at fault, someone or something to blame? Why can't we just let things be?

The person I spend the most time blaming is myself. I spend far too much time and mental energy devising excuses for myself. For example, when I'm driving Aidan to baseball practice, and we're running a few minutes behind, I'm mentally rehearsing good excuses for being late. Yes, sometimes my excuses include blaming somebody else so that I shift the responsibility from myself. The truth is that no one at practice is blaming me for being late. Most of the time, we're not actually late, just a few minutes behind MY ideal time to arrive.

I'm draining my own power by constantly making excuses for myself, and for blaming myself.

Sometimes I'm late.
Sometimes I'm slow.
Sometimes it takes me a long time to accomplish tasks.
Sometimes I place frivolity before necessity.
Sometimes I don't do what I'm supposed to do.
Sometimes I do exactly as I please.

No one is to blame, and no excuses are necessary. This is power. This is personal responsibility. This just is, and I'm learning to let it be.


  1. Once again you are reading my mind. I am over the blame game. It is beyond my understanding why we not only torture ourselves but sometimes others as well.

  2. A noble aim. (But I still think it helps to blame someone you know for that streaming cold you just picked up......)

  3. What a great post! I'm constantly blaming myself for just about everything that goes wrong and life is just too dang short to be carring around so much guilt. I think I'll carry your words instead and try harder to just let things be.

  4. Right on, Molly. My favorite saying these days seems to be, "It is what it is!" Letting go of expectations of other people, AND of undue ones on myself, is so freeing.

  5. Well said. I needed to read that today. Thank you.

  6. Your not alone, I do the same thing. I have to stop and tell myself be quiet, let it go.
    Also I wanted to say I love the new Blarter! Wonderful idea. It reminds me years ago when blogger use to do mini swaps and trade goodies for goods.

  7. Awesome post Molly, I'm proud of you. Its good to be done with draining our power!

  8. Bravo, Molly. It is all about taking responsibility when necessary and sometimes, just letting it go.

  9. Great quote - I think it'll go on my fridge!

  10. this is such a great topic, truly becoming aware of how much of the time i spend in "blame frame" has changed my life so much for the better. i love the louise hay quote, it reminded me i need to order one of her books... i love the photo! very cool perspective.

  11. What a beautiful post Molly - The older I get, it seems the easier it has become to let go of so much more and to choose compassion over blame.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  12. Such a hard topic and extremely well-worded and straight-to-the-point. I give away my power all.the.time. Thanks for making me think.

  13. Three cheers for you! I'm to the point in my life where I can say "so what?" and usually mean it. And try to adhere to "don't sweat the small stuff" when most of "IT" is small stuff.
    Thank you.

  14. Well said. I do a lot of self talk. I have been letting a lot of the blame go. It makes things much easier to just be.

  15. that quote! I just wrote it on our kitchen chalkboard. it's just what we need in my family right about now ;)

  16. You alone, to do the same thing. You have to tell myself to stop and the quiet, let it go. Also, I wanted to say I love the new Blaster. A great idea. Many years ago when using blogger, and trade for products, swaps out the goodies make mini.


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