After The Wedding

mother and son

I couldn't help but think of the book, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, as I watched Sandi and her son dance at his wedding on Sunday. In fact, Sandi gave me the book when Avery was born. The story never fails to make me cry.

The wedding was fantastic. It's always fun to get dressed up and party with a bunch of family and friends. Of course, not everybody parties down.

sit it out

Some people sit and watch quietly from the sidelines,


while others don scary masks and steal the show. Our friend Robert surprised everyone with his rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller.


Definitely the highlight of the evening.

Lee Ann Womack hopes that if we're given the chance to sit it out or dance, we dance. How about you? When the music starts thumping, do you tap your foot quietly while sitting at the edge of the dance floor, or do you dance?

In case you're wondering what I do when the band strikes up, check this out. I'm signing off for the rest of the week. We're going to enjoy a few days off with daddy and let our dancing legs recover. See you next week!


  1. dance dance dance I dance like no one is watching,,lifes to short,glad to hear you had a good time dancing :D

  2. and that is how you get those legs!

  3. Fabulous dancing pic mama!!
    I absolutely get up and DANCE, it is too fun not to!
    Hey great interview over at vc I had not idea you were an us, we are too! I knew I liked you ; )
    Enjoy your time away!!

  4. yup, I'm with you....I'm one of those who will go out on an empty dance floor and dance. I'm a fairly self conscious person but for some reason good dance music transends self esteem with me.... Great pic! You'll really love it when you're 90 and maybe not kickin' quite as much then...

  5. I love that dancing photo! I'm a dance all night girl at weddings...so fun!

  6. oh i DANCE!!!! til i drop! and i love the thriller surprise. that is super fantastic and my kind of guy!

    now i wnat to go to a wedding and dance like i just don't care

  7. I love that song! I dance if I love the music. I can't fake fun to bad music :)

    Weddings can be so fun... a perfect family time. I love that pic of you and Aves.

  8. i love dancing at weddings! we have a few to go to this summer and i cannot wait.
    enjoy your break!

  9. I love weddings.
    I don't see any weddings in the immediate future.

    We are thinking of having a "barn dance" for our anniversary celebration.

  10. Somewhere, there exists a photo of me about 8 months pregnant, totally busting a move. It's a wonder I didn't go into labor. But I just can't resist!

  11. ooh, the photo up top chokes me up and makes me glad my son is only 3.

  12. "Love You Forever" is my all time favorite book from my children's childhood! My son and I read it during "Right to Read" Week when he was in Kindergarden and his teacher burst into tears! I gave both of my children a copy when they graduated and now have a copy for my little granddaughter. I still tell my son, "for ever and always, my baby, you'll be", even though he is now a Daddy. That post and the following post about your "fairy sister-in-law" gives you the honor of being the first blog that I'm signing up as "a follower"! I know I'll enjoy all of your future posts!

  13. Love the pic Molly! Somehow I had the feeling you'd be dancing! :) Hope all is well!


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