Now and Then

and then.

Now and then, my children remember things they used to do. "Mom, remember when I used to sit in the sink when I was a baby?"

Now and then, I look at pictures of my kids when they were younger and I miss my babies, oh so much.

Now and then, I write about something that reminds you of something from your past. My now intersects with your then, and that, my friends, is the real present.


  1. When we were looking for the picture of you and the Star Wars lunch box (which we didn't find) I couldn't help but remember the curly headed little "magnet" that you were. You "attracted" much attention and we enjoyed sharing you. I suppose things have changed but stayed the same. We still enjoy "sharing" you, just in a different way! Keep being YOU!

  2. Look at how much bigger he is. Why does time go by so quickly with children?

  3. I know the feeling of missing the baby stage, but the look on his face in the first image is cracking me up.

  4. Aiden is so cute Now and Then. Look at how your kitchen has "grown" too.

    You've got my mind swirling with the time intersecting comment -- it's like watching an episode of "Lost."

  5. You captured Aidan giving his "pirate" look.

  6. Oh man, it all goes so fast doesn't it!

  7. This is such a great post!
    It's amazing that you have two pictures of him in the exact same spot during different years. He is so cute, both then and now!
    I'm right there with you, when I happen upon those surprise pictures of my babies and it's so evident that they really aren't anymore, it just stings.

  8. i. love. this.

  9. "If we only knew then what we know now." How would it all be different?

  10. Gosh, I don't remember Aidan looking like that. The hair is too straight!

    btw, I love your new pics on the sidebar. I especially love Avery in the chair.. what's next (or something like that.) ;)

  11. molly: this is such a sweet post, and it does remind me of "my then." My daughter, now 8, has a remarkable memory and regularly asks about little things that took place when she was two. "Mom, remeber when i was feeding pidgeons and one landed on my shoulder?" okay, well, that is pretty dramatic, but there are small things, too. As mothers, crafters, and folks who enjoy the written word, I love the intersection of paths that this blogging community is bringing forth in my life.

    I see my name added to your sidebar, there:)

    Have a happy day.


  12. Oh, no, my dear... YOU are the present given to US. Look at the community you create in your blog!
    I used to think there was nothing sweeter than a baby-in-the-sink photo, but then I saw your picture of a pirate in the sink (maybe sweet isn't the right adjective)!

  13. I went to a birthday party for my 9 year old niece this weekend, and her parent's friend's little daughter snuck off to the upstairs bathroom and climbed in the sick, and was sitting there happily playing. It was hysterical.


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