I've Got My Wool To Keep Me Warm

I have to admit, I didn't get the whole wool thing until a few years ago. When I attended a crafting group of mostly Waldorf moms, I just really didn't understand their fascination with wool. I grew up thinking it was rather itchy and prone to pest problems.

Now, I get wool. I get it whenever I can. When I found three yards of unblemished wool at the thrift store for $2.50, I snatched it up. I was a little nervous that the man next to me looking for wool with which to line the ceiling of his van-turned-home-by-the-river was going to beat me to it, but fortunately he went for a different remnant in shades of black and blue (not my color scheme, but I'm sure it looks great in his van).

The problem with bringing such a large piece of fabric home is what to do with it, and more importantly, when. I certainly didn't have room to store it long term (due to all the other great fabrics for which I provide shelter), so I decided to make a throw similar to Erin's, using Molly's pattern.

I used remnants of fabric (from the same thrift store trip) to piece together the binding. The blanket measures 54x54, so I used two strips each of six different fabrics, each strip measuring 4 inches by 19 inches, except the first and last strip which I cut two inches longer just in case and to give myself enough room to join the binding.

I enjoyed the project so much, in fact, that I am currently making another throw out of the remainder of the wool using more remnants for the binding (yay! to using up my stash to make room for new fabric finds). I am now at the tedious stage of binding by hand. The wonderful thing about binding a wool blanket this time of year is that you can drape it over your legs (watch out for the pins) and stay deliciously warm while slip stitching away.


  1. that's just gorgeous. I'd love to get my hands on some wool like that. I'll keep looking!

  2. Lovely blanket; I used to feel the same way about wool, but I have changed my foolish ways.

  3. To misquote Paul Simon;
    "Slip stiching away"

  4. It is a beautiful blanket. That is for sure. But I can't help it... me thinks that wool is itchy.

  5. This is so lovely..great work and thanks for the link to Molly's pattern, I think I might take a stab at this myself. Although, probably not with wool, I'm with Marjorie... itchy, itchy. Maybe one day I'll mature into a wool-loving girl but for now I love me some fleece. (I know, I'm so not classy!)

  6. I'm beginning to feel that way towards wool yarn! The Yarn Harlot and a few other bloggers/podcasters have made me re-think my likes.
    Isn't it wonderful to sit and slip stitch? It makes me realize how close I am to finishing the project!

  7. I just had a memory drop into my brain concerning wool blankets and why I don't have any. When I was little we had a wool dark green army blanket. I wonder where Grandma got it? I just remember it being extremely uncomfortable around my face!

  8. I'm allergic to wool and have always felt the same way! But that blanket looks lovely. I'll just admire it at a distance.

    Love the new profile pic by the way. Very Charlie's Angels of you!!!

  9. You are the most clever person!
    I love the wool blanket. My dad bought a wool blanket for each of his (then) 3 daughters...I loved mine. it was so warm. I did not keep the wool directly over me but over the top sheet...i wonder what happened to it?
    Yesterday I went to a favorite thrift store and snagged four skeins of boucle' baby yarn..perfect for a sweater for baby Emma..all for 50cents! I love thrift stores and now I will be hunting for wool! Perhaps in green...hahaha I will take what I can get! keep o n crafting..you keep me creative!

  10. That is gorgeous! What a find. I recently fought and won a silent battle over a $30 vintage child's dresser at a thrift shop. three yards of wool for that price is fantastic!

  11. That closeup picture of the sewing machine gets me in the mood!

  12. it looks lovely, molly! i have another one in the works myself. :)

  13. Oh, beautiful. What a find!


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