Marjorie and I attended a parenting class the other night entitled "Is My Child Normal or Not?" While I've never been too concerned about normality, the class was a good overview of "normal" child development through age 8. What I really enjoyed was the description of the states of equilibrium and disequilibrium associated with stages of development. According to the PowerPoint presentation, both my children should currently be in a state of disequilibrium. Lucky me.

The strange thing is I feel as though we are all in a state of equilibrium right now. We have reached a "harmonious stage . . . period of calm, contentment, comfort". The interesting thing about equilibrium is that during this phase there is not a lot going on intellectually. While we are currently comfortable with our approach to learning, it doesn't seem like we are learning much right now. We are not immersed in any serious units or projects. The kids seem to be completely content with reading books, using their homemade bow and arrows, and doing some occasional and familiar workbook pages. Nothing exciting. I daresay boring. This state of equilibrium seems to have zapped my interest as well; I haven't read books of my own choosing or created anything in quite a while.

Ultimately I believe that these stages of equilibrium and disequilibrium are beneficial and necessary. Just when you think you've had enough disequilibrium, a period of calm sets in. And now that I think I've had enough harmony and contentment, I'm ready for some disequilibrium. It's not that disequilibrium is a walk in the park, but it is definitely more stimulating, exciting, creative and unpredictable. Sounds like fun to me right now, but I'll let you know when I have my fill.

We are off to the Exploratorium in San Francisco today in an effort to break from our ho-hum routine, and I'm hoping we come home with lots of questions, ideas, energy and some pictures to share. If nothing else, a day in the city is always good for a foothill girl's soul.


  1. Ooh what fun! I am super jealous.

    I love your thoughts about being in equilibrium and needing to shake it up. Equilibrium and harmony are so important to have for the brain and psyche to rest, but you're right that not much happens while you're there. Disequilibrium is a far more engaging ride. Thanks for the reminder of that while we ride our own disequilibrium roller coaster.

  2. I think about stimulation versus rest/processing what we've learned, a lot. Too much activity never seems to be a good thing around here (maybe because it entails so much driving). I spent the afternoon and evening in the city yesterday and it was good for this former city girl's soul as well. Now, I feel the need to get the kids there soon. Hope you have a great time.

  3. When I was around 10, I had an activity book (it was a Klutz I think) co-written by the Exploratorium. It was full of all kinds of science trivia and fun information. I loved that book, and have been wishing for a trip to he Exploratorium ever since. I hope you guys have lots of learning fun and come home knocked off balance ;-)

  4. Disequilibrium is over-rated... I'd rather go to the Exploritorium & walk along the beach below it afterwards, lovely

  5. I'm so sorry I can't be part of your fun today, I have many happy memories of the Exploratorium with you and Uncle Rob! And Dad!

  6. Ooooh, sounds like fun! I have never been there (that I can remember.) I can't wait to hear about your adventure and see pictures. I hope you have full batteries for your camera ;)

  7. Going back another generation..we loved the Exploratorium too! I had a wonderful time there with my kids..hope yours enjoy it too, Molly girl.

  8. Glad you enjoyed the Exploratorium. (specially since it was free according to Avery) Too bad you couldn't stop by my jobsite in Tiberon on your way home. The kid's would have enjoyed the yachts in the harbor.
    Glad you stayed long enough for me to get home. It's great to see and hug all of you. (great lasagna too)
    Have a wonderful disequilibrium day

  9. Isnt that the truth sister...balance and back and forth, but never equal parts of either. Much love to you sweet mama.


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