Ever Have Days Like This?

Do you ever have those moments when you think, "This is the life I want to be living?"

You walk downtown for dinner
then stop in the used book store to buy an old Girl Scout handbook
your daughter actually holds your hand on the way home
you read several chapters of The Littles aloud while your husband and children play with Legos
and drift off to sleep on the couch with the book on your lap.

Then suddenly you are awoken by your children
screaming at each other over a toy
you tell your kids to brush their teeth
but they don't listen and continue fighting
and you really want to just get in bed
cavities be damned.

Ideal moments are so fleeting, and real moments seem to last forever.

Oh well,

you take the good
you take the bad
you take them both
and there you have
the facts of life
the facts of life.

And for Julia over at Chicken Scratch who tagged me for a picture, current, past or present, here is a past and present picture of me and the kids on our front porch.

Fall 2004 (Sorry Avery, Grace took the picture.)

Fall 2007 (I'm still wearing a ponytail, but that has become a fact of life.)

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Oh, girl... so many days and so many moments like this. (It's the equilibrium and disequilibrium of our lives! ha, haaa...)

  2. I am convinced "the little girl with a curl" was a sweetie... she just stayed up too late once in a while. A tired child is barely recognizable compared to the not-tired one! At least it serves as a good reminder it's bed-time

  3. oh yes, those days happen all the time. I think of those fights as shattering the calm lake of the happy day. It takes a little while for the ripples to stop, but stop they do. The next day we start fresh.

  4. You are living the American dream, sort of. I don't believe the standard dream includes solar panels, but oh well. Let's not get picky about that. Happy Monday!

  5. Pony tail! I've got one too!! And I can't seem to get rid of it.

  6. Yes, many moments like this. They are fewer adn farther between as they get older, so there is hope. I feel better about my ponytail after looking at you, even though I am older and don't look like YOU. It's great to see your face.

  7. Every ... single ... day!

    I like it when they're making me crazy and I can tell them to go get some firewood. When they're done, they aren't fighting anymore ;). Always works like a charm. Can't do that at bedtime, though.

  8. Great, now I can't get that song out of my head.

  9. I love those ideal moments and when they come, I remember how great it is to have a little family of my own.

    The icky moments are when I have to remind myself of those good ones.

    Love those pictures on the porch.. If you don't already, you should do one every year!

  10. Oh ya! My mornings are usually quite wonderful... it's the late afternoon that most of my mishaps and stresses occur! Not sure what that's all about~maybe it's as simple as fatigue setting in...?

    As always, you and the babes looks adorable. I agree with "jenny"--the porch pictures would make an awesome annual thing. Thanks for "playing" tag. =-)

    P.S. Hey, nice photo in yesterday's Auburn Journal as well !

  11. i started reading this post thinking, 'oh how i wish i could have a day like this...' then i read on and felt so much better because i knew i wasn't alone in the day i WAS having. ahhh, the facts of life!

  12. Such is life! (No I won't do it in French)
    Enjoy each moment, and revel in the love around you!


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