Seven Things You May or May Not Know

Some of you know me well and remember me when I had no hair. Some of you haven't known me quite so long, but long enough. Some of you only know me through the words and images I choose to share. So for all of you, here are seven random things you may not know about me.

1. I used to love to shop. In fact, my parents called me "Malory" for years (remember Justine Bateman from Family Ties?) I now hate to shop. Going into a department store or shopping mall causes me great anxiety. I only go grocery shopping every two weeks and try my hardest not to make incidental trips. No milk? That's why I buy instant oatmeal. Yet, I love to browse the local thrift stores on a fairly regular basis. I'm a regular at the three thrift stores within walking distance from home, and I almost get high from a good thrifty find.

2. My favorite movie is Grease. You better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you ... Ooh ooh ooh.

3. I love movie soundtracks. I probably have close to thirty (but I don't have Grease - that soundtrack is permanently etched in my brain). Some of my favorite right now are Cold Mountain, Out of Africa, A Room With A View, and Something's Gotta Give. I haven't bought a CD in years, but if I bought one today, it would be the soundtrack to Casa De Los Babys (go listen to the samples).

4. My favorite fruit is the mango. I didn't know I liked mangoes until about two years ago, and since then I have eaten mass quantities. I feel slightly guilty about this because mangoes must travel quite a distance to reach my belly, but every one's got their vice, and at least mine packs a huge vitamin and mineral punch.

5. I would love to become a better photographer, but I find it embarrassing to take photos in public. I can't explain exactly why, but it may be the whole tourist stereotype. Most of the pictures I take are in and around my home or in other non-public places. I am working on overcoming this hang up because I miss out on some wonderful photo opportunities. The other day, the kids and I were leaving the park and we saw an off-duty ambulance parked in the parking lot, and one of the paramedics was sitting in the back playing his guitar. I should have stopped and taken a picture. So today, at the local produce stand, I photographed the beautiful peach my daughter found.

6. I find it difficult to hang anything on my walls. I only have two things hanging in my whole house - a mirror over the fireplace and a small plaque in the kitchen. I have a gallery in the closet just waiting to be hung, but it is extremely hard to put a nail in the walls that we worked so hard to perfect. I have probably touched every square inch of every wall while remodeling our house - taping joints on the new sheet rock throughout the house, painstakingly smoothing all the texture that we sprayed on the sheet rock only to discover that I must have flat walls, and painting several times until we found the right shade of neutral. Putting a hole in the wall feels like putting a hole in a loved one. This is another hang up I must get over because my closets are bulging with framed art and photographs that should be admired and cherished on a daily basis, and my walls are pretty boring, despite being painted the perfect shade.

7. I met my husband at a ball and it was love at first sight. Sounds like a fairytale, right? It's actually more like a close-the-streets-and-drink-too-much-in-public annual event that occurs every September. In fact, some friends and I snuck into the ball around midnight a few weeks ago, and we did not turn into pumpkins. I love that we live within walking distance of the place we first met.

Do you feel like you know me a little better now? Thanks Julia for tagging me. I hadn't given myself a writing assignment today, and this was a fun exercise. I'm not going to actually tag anyone else, but if you need a writing assignment, feel free to share seven things about yourself so I can get to know you better too.


  1. I love today's blog! I've known you for a while, but I still only know you by the words and images you choose to share! Thanks for for all these new ones... The baby picture is adorable.
    While I was painting the house, I kept playing the broadway musical version of The Secret Garden soundtrack (I can only play it when I'm alone because no one else can tolerate it at my house)I will never hear it too much

  2. How fun! Have you looked into hanging a picture rail in the rooms where you would want to hang artwork? We had them in our old house and they were wonderful - they added an architectural element, and we put no holes in our lathe and plaster walls.

    It was fun getting to know more about you!

  3. I loooove "Grease", as well as any other (well, maybe not "Fame" any more - I truly burned out on that one, though there are some great ones there..) soundtracks. You're a woman of my own heart. I like Sarah's picture rail idea; I have a tiny shelf that lines a long wall, half way up, and I can lean the kids' framed art work in it, against the wall. It's an Ikea thing.

  4. My favorite soundtrack is Grease (closely followed by The Commitments ;)! I had it on LP, but I freecycled my record player and all of the albums not long ago. My favorite song is Rizzo's solo "There are worst things I could do", and I LOVE belting it out in the shower: I could stay home, ev-ree-night. Wait around for ... Mis-ter right .... Maybe I can talk my husband into downloading it to the iPod ... but I won't hold my breath :).

  5. You know we put many albums up on the shelf this weekend, glad they are out of the box from on the floor in the den, from the flood......but too many memories of pictures and times from your early years flood the mind to post here. See you this weekend for a big hug and more memory making!

  6. Oh the shopping thing, it's horrible isn't it? That is, EXCEPT for farmer's markets, thrift stores and yard sales...they're in a whole different category! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing with us Molly!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photo of the peach! Awesome.

    The Sound of Music is a few of my favorite things. . .

  8. I loved your candor. I too hate to shop, but do love going to a gourmet grocery store, i.e. Nugget. I really love going to Trader Joe's, I find something new everytime! I'm surprised we didn't wear out the Grease album! I think we need to have the CD of it! You take amazing pictures, keep up the memory making.

  9. I am totally with you on number 5. And I don't know what the answer is. I'm embarrassed about being embarrased though!!

  10. Is it a bad thing when your mom uses the word "candor"? I'm glad to hear I'm not alone while taking pictures at home singing songs from Grease.

  11. Everything you listed I did not know. Maybe I had heard about meeting George at a ball, but everything else... I am glad to learn more about you. See you in a couple days!!

  12. This was a great post - some new things that I didn't know. btw, love Grease, love The Sound of Music - and now High School Musical :) Gotta move with the times, right? "flying, soaring...."

  13. 5. I would love to become a better photographer, but I find it embarrassing to take photos in public

    I've felt this way sooo many times! I've had to work at getting bold. I just lift my chin up, and think to myself..."hey, it's a free country!" ;)


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