If Your Kids Don't Watch TV

They might just get hooked on the spin cycle.

"Mom, if you cross your eyes and look in the back of the washing machine, it looks like a face! Come look!"

How does that not make her sick?

"Can I do another load, pleeeaassee?"

Well, OK. Just don't stay up all night washing clothes.


  1. Sweet. :)
    I also loved to watch the washing machine spinning when I was a child. And sometimes I still do that..

  2. :-) What a little honey she is!

  3. How funny! I love how innovative children are.

  4. I love the picture of Miss Avery! At least she can watch your washing machine, it wouldn't work on ours.

  5. In my day we didn't have automatic washers to watch but I did get my hand caught in the wringer one time while I was helping my mother do the wash! good thing they ad quick releases on the wringer!

  6. That settles it, my next washing machine needs to be a front loader!

  7. that is the funniest thing! I grew up without TV and my kids are growing up without TV and I love hanging out in the laundry room - and i love going to the laundry mat where they have those super big spin machines.


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