It's A Man Bag, Baby

Say it with an Austin Power's accent for the intended effect. My husband loves my bags so much (grocery bags, that is), that he suggested I make them in a masculine fabric so he could take a bag or two to the hardware store. Ask and you shall receive. Using a set of tab curtains a friend gave me, and feeling slightly like Scarlet O'Hara, I made my husband his very own reusable canvas bag. I can just imagine him walking out of the hardware store, two by fours slung over one shoulder, and a canvas bag in hand, filled with nails, screws and a tube of caulk.

A bag for him, and a bag for you. The lucky winner is:

Hooray for Alice! Alice may not sew, but she makes the cutest charms and is an amazing artist. Check out her Etsy shop.

If anyone is interested in making their own reusable grocery bags, this is the tutorial I used to get started. A few tweaks here and there, and now my groceries ride in style. Using reusable grocery bags is like shopping with coupons. You have to bring them into the store with you and it's nice to hand them to the clerk before they bag your groceries. It's worth the effort as I see my plastic and paper bag stash dwindling.

Thank you everyone who entered my first contest. It was so much fun, I will definitely do it again. Perhaps a "Guess the Number of Acorns In This Bucket" contest. They are beginning to fall with gusto. Enjoy your day off, and don't work too hard.


  1. Yay for Alice!! Very cool man bag! I may have to make some of my own bags now...

  2. You know what? I made some bags months ago, but I always forget to take them to the blasted store! I'm going to go and put them in the car right now. Wahoooooooo for Alice!

  3. I love the man bag!

    I'm a total convert to bring your own bag. The tough part is taking them back out to the car in my blasting furnace of a garage. Maybe Stefani and I will form a bag return support group.

  4. i have got to start using these!

  5. I love the "man" bag :). We made grocery bags several years ago for a scouting badge. Between what we've made, what we've repurposed and what we've purchased specifically for groceries, we have about eight bags we take every shopping trip. Love my cloth bags ;).

    Congrats to Alice!

  6. My man would love this bag! He gets ill over having when he has to use plastic, and our old bags are so...old! I'm going to commision my sewing friend to make me one and get my son (who wants to learn how to sew - despite his mother's fear of the machine) to learn from her. Thanks!

  7. We have several bags in the car, but forget to carry them in the store. But the trip back to the car is great exercise, especially if you park farther out! I'm thinking Dad needs a bag for his daily hardware trips (once daily is a dream, ask Mom about receipts for multiple trips).
    Being aware of the inpact plastic bags has on our environment argues in favor of using our own carry bags.

  8. A bag out of curtains. . . you are kind of like Maria from one of my favorite movies, "The Sound of Music!"

  9. Yay!!!!! I can't wait to bring it with me everywhere and show it off!


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