This is the House We Call Home

My daughter likes to draw. If she runs out of paper, she will draw on fabric. I found this little drawing of our house on a scrap of felt, and had fun turning it into a wall hanging. It's a close ringer for our home. Just imagine a few more windows and a garage. George and I bought this house almost nine years ago, and it has been a continuous work in progress. We have remodeled, added on, re-remodeled, and we still have an ongoing list of planned house projects. We are serial remodelers, I'm afraid. Sometimes I dream of a little rustic cabin, which we inhabit as is, with no plans of moving walls or even painting walls. I cannot deny my nature, though. I believe, as my grandpa used to say, the biggest room is the room for improvement. I believe this internally and externally. I am constantly trying to improve myself and my surroundings. I have changed so much in the years we have inhabited this house, so it stands to reason that the space around me has followed suit. I have found myself in this house. I have expressed myself in this house. I have grown two children in this house. I love this house we call home. It's not quite done, but neither am I.


  1. A work in progress... I love that. And I love the wall hanging.

  2. AnonymousJuly 31, 2007

    A house is a house. What you have produced is a home. It's nice to feel comfortable in your home as well as your house. Glad I had a part in building both.


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