I Ain't Buying What They're Selling

I have a confession to make. A few years ago, while grocery shopping with a friend (a practice I highly recommend), we had a discussion about organic fruits and vegetables. She bought them, almost exclusively, while I did not. I couldn't afford them as I was still buying diapers, wipes and formula (a sin for which I beg my children and Mother Earth forgiveness). I remember actually telling her that I trusted the governmental agencies that monitored agriculture. Surely the powers that be wouldn't let the American public purchase and consume products that were bad for our health, would they?
Fortunately, my friend didn't laugh in my face, and she still talks to me today. Now our food conversations sound more like this: What can we eat? If you've read The Jungle, Fast Food Nation or My Year of Meats, then meat is definitely out of the question. If you've seen the documentary Go Further, dairy products are off the menu. You might think fruits, vegetables and grains are the solution, unless of course you have read (or are reading) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Organic? Only if you're sure. Eggs? Read this article in Mother Earth News and shop wisely. Google the term "frankenfoods" and you will be tempted to throw out the contents of your genetically modified pantry and start foraging for wild berries.
Foraging for wild berries is exactly what we did today. Blackberries are weeds here in the foothills, and we did our part taming the beast this morning, using buckets as our weapons. We picked apricots from our neighbor's tree this evening. Tomorrow morning we are heading to the farmer's market, which is held twice a week during the summer months. I made a large loaf of cracked wheat bread and my first batch of soy milk today, using my new machine.
Unfortunately, I'm still hungry. Eating local, in season, and home grown are worthy goals to be sure, but at times I have a hard time convincing my appetite and my family. It takes a lot of steps to go in the right direction, and I just have to remember to take baby steps. One day, I will be where I'm going.


  1. Ooooh. I can't wait to try some homemade soy milk!

  2. I love what you say here. About a year ago, we started making some radical changes in our diet, mostly doing away with all processed foods in our pantry (anything with "partially hydrogenated ..." and "high fructose ..." was out). I wanted to grow everything we ate, but we only have a 1/4 of an acre. My husband tried to convince me that we didn't have to grow EVERYTHING, that we live in an area where wild edible plants are abundant. I finally got what he was saying ;).

  3. Homemade soymilk!! wow, I'm impressed. We only drink soy over here, not sure I'm up for making my own though. I like this post.

  4. Totally get your point, just wanted to say that there are a bunch of us trying to do something very different with regards to meat and dairy, not to mention raw. Local, organic, beyond organic....

    There are a number of options, though I totally respect the vegan/ raw as a highly ethical one.

  5. Oh Geeze, your friend's disciplined response (not laughing in your face) reminds me of the grace you showed me when I arrogantly stated that I don't like toys... thanks again


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