All About Alliteration

So sweet sounds the cadence of consecutive consonants.

I spent several weeks snipping words from magazines. They are laminated and kept in a glass jar for inspirational word play. I made them with the hope that my kids would sit down and play with words, but I think I've played with them more than they have. These words helped inspire another game of word play today. Avery and I sat down with pencil and paper, picked a word, and took turns writing a word that either rhymed or began with the same sound.

This game lasted for a short time, and was followed by another game.

Blessed is the blogger that Boggles with her babe.

Are you game for some word play? Cast a comment and let the game commence.


  1. Ah! Alliteration ... allow me ... those of us with English degrees enjoy indulging in etomological inticements :).

  2. It's extrememly easy to engage English majors in an eloquent exchange.

  3. AnonymousJuly 16, 2007

    Duh.... Duh....
    Words fail me now

  4. I love alliteration too. You've inspired me with your laminated words. Mine never notice the big ones on our fridge but this would be something new, and fun for me. Alliterate that!?

  5. Boggle is such a brain stimulating exercise! Michelle and I love it! Let's see, "boggle."

  6. Oh be still my heart, someone who appreciates the compelling beauty of Boggle! Wordaholics unite! I too am an English major, must be a disease. Such cerebral celebrations suffer not while simple solace survives.

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