And the winners are . . .

bee spotting

A copy of Keeping Bees goes to:

Citizen K!

I've been fascinated with beekeeping ever since I saw the documentary film Queen of the Sun last October. These look like fantastic books - your resulting projects sound so exciting! I would love to own Keeping Bees.

A copy of Home Dairy goes to:


Hi, I would love to get a chance to win Home Diary. Bees are still not in my things to do list what with a naughty 2 year old romping around our house! But I would really love to learn how to make home made butter....yumm

Copies of Alphabet Glue go to:

Eidolons, Arianne, and Nacherluver!

And finally, a $50 gift certificate from AG Ambroult goes to:

Teeter-Tottering On the Brink! (boy oh boy do i know how that feels!)

If you've won a book, please email me your address. If you've won the gift certificate or Alphabet Glue magazines, please email me your email address. mollydunham@sbcglobal.net

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered last week's giveaways!


  1. I received my copy of Alphabet Glue before I even knew that I won! What a marvelous surprise! Thank you so much. (:

  2. Dear Molly,
    I have gotten over the initial shock of seeing that I have won my very first giveaway on the net. My husband was even more shocked! Thank you so much! I could just hug you! I was having a really bad day at work but now no one can rub the grin off my face :-)
    Thank you! Thank you!

  3. So fun and nice of you to host all these give aways. I LOVE your picture! The detail, the happy bright yellow flowers and that BEE, great!

  4. Hooray! I am pleased as punch! Thank you so much.


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