Thrifted Treasures

This was a week for some much needed thrift store therapy, and boy oh boy did I get a good dose. First up, my new shower curtain -

tablecloth turned shower curtain

A vintage, hand crocheted tablecloth, measuring 80 inches by 104 inches. That's a whole lot of crochet! Ask me, I know. I'll be thrilled if my tablecloth in progress measures 60 inches square. It better not end up at a thrift store one day, either. Just saying. (My kids, take note. The hexagon tablecloth is an heirloom. Even if you think it's the most ugly thing you inherit one day, do not donate it to a thrift store.)

The idea of turning a tablecloth into a shower curtain is not mine - I stole the idea from my sister- in- law Sandi, who draped a vintage tablecloth over a manzanita branch above her bathtub. As soon as I saw it, I told her I was stealing the idea. She gave me permission, and even offered a manzanita branch. I'll definitely take her up on the offer now that I have the perfect tablecloth for my bathroom.

Also found this week - an ingeniously framed doily:

vintage doily turned jewelry display

The day I found this at the thrift store (for 50 cents!), I read Margie's post about using framed lace to hold pins and earrings. My find was meant to be.

thrifted rose, heirloom bee

I also found a beautiful rose necklace at the same store and hung it from the frame. I didn't realize how perfect the placement of the necklace and my Great Grandma Bea's bee pin were until I took a picture. This little vignette makes me very happy.

The next thing I'll be looking for when I go thrifting is a little egg cup to hold this precious collaboration between me and Avery.

blue baby chick

She was helping me crack eggs earlier this week, and made a hole in one egg rather than cracking the shell in half. I washed it out and popped a little blue chick inside. Isn't he adorable?

Now we're off to the river for an afternoon of fun and sun. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. good thrifting! I'm trying no-spend for Sept (except for food, but even that will be reduced because my CSA begins) and will be MAKING everything in sight with all of my thrifted goods and craft supplies to tide me over.

  2. You are so creative. That framed bit of crochet as a jewelry holder is brilliant version of Margie's idea. I wonder how long it was waiting at the thrift store for you to find it?

    Isn't it amazing how one person's cast-off is another person's treasure?

  3. i love how you're thinking outside the box to give these treasures a new life. i haven't been thrifting all summer - but i did stop by to drop off bags of our stuff - some days that feels just as good. so smart of you to save that egg shell and create something special for your daughter!

  4. oh so verrrrry lovely!

  5. I have that exact same rose necklace hanging from my rearview mirror. I got it at a yard sale for $1. I was freakin when I saw it on your site, lol.

  6. Love it, Molly. Would love to see a picture of it hung across the branch-that idea is inspired but I can't grasp the execution.
    And thank you for reminding me about Lucy and Attic24...She was one of my first blogs that I read, but as I'm not.um...crafty...(read:capable)...I haven't been there in a while. I loved her spirit and her colors and the English atmosphere. So, thanks.
    Take care!

  7. Love your treasures... thanks for sharing! I love the tablecloth as shower curtain idea...

  8. You nailed just what I think about when I see amazing handmade things at the thirft store... Just how did they end up there after all that work? And I hope mine don't!
    Great finds! Hope you had fun at the river! Happy weekend!

  9. I have a gorgeous crocheted tablecloth like yours, but never thought to use it on the shower--I love that! It looks absolutely beautiful, and I'm going to have to steal your idea!

    Once I saw a quilt at the thrift store made with vintage family photos applied to fabric...horrible to see it there all lonely and unwanted!

  10. I've been following your blog and love it. I always feel a bit of sadness when I see someone's hard work at a thrift store. Not something that was easy to make, but a child's craft to a mother, or something that took so much time. What would make someone donate that?
    I thrifted a woman's diary once from the late 1800's for $4 on a family vacation in Montana. My mother, grandmother and I both spent our vacation traveling in the motorhome reading through it's pages. It was a dull diary, mainly she hinted at preparing for a baby and kept multiple shopping lists. But the final entry was 'Uncle John shot himself'. It was a mystery. From a few entries we were able to narrow down that she lived in a city in Nebraska. We then loaned it to another (female) friend who did geneology. Smitten with the diary was able to find out the woman's name, her family history, that there was a street named after them and that Uncle John had a hunting accident. She contacted the local historical society (a woman) who was very interested and sent copies of the diary to them. All these women bonding and finding a connection over this small little diary written by this woman so long ago. Our friend then found living relatives. She called them let them know we found the diary and how much it had connected us all and would they like a copy. And they told her they didn't care and not to call back. People are strange.

  11. Very cute chickie in the egg, but I might just have to still the shower curtain idea. Very clever.

  12. beautiful! i know what you mean about crocheted things! i am always sad to see beautiful afghans in a bin at the goodwill! my hear aches! my kids better never donate mine either!!!! :)

  13. Your shower curtain is lovely and now I have another thing on my list of things to look for at the thrift stores.

  14. Great finds and great ideas! You gotta love a good and bountiful dose of thrifting. Your egg is very cute...we've been loving eggs round here this weekend too!

  15. love the treasures - but the best part was your warning to your children - indeed!

    I always wonder if my boys will grown up and think that handmade things are a dime a dozen since they grew up with so many of them. You know - "yeah - my mom made a bunch of that old stuff."

    I imagine it's part personality and part the things you teach them - as with everything.

    Love the things Molly - thanks for posting

  16. What a fabulous and beautiful idea for a shower curtain. I would love to be able to do that around our new to us claw-foot tub.

    Your collaboration with Avery is so sweet.

  17. I'm loving LOVING that shower curtain. What great finds!

  18. Am loving your cracked and egg and even more your little blue chick. If they could only really come that way. i saw a bajillion shops i wanted to go in this weekend but alas, girls were with me and weary! plans are forming for a solo trip!

  19. Love your repurposing. Very clever!


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