It's Barack Obama Day!

44 legos for the 44th president

At least that's what we are calling it around here. Quite amazing to watch the inauguration live this morning (thank you Facebook and CNN.com!). Avery did not like the poem read by Elizabeth Alexander because it didn't rhyme. I'm not the biggest fan of poetry myself, but I was moved by the rich imagery of ordinary people and plan to listen to the poem again. I also plan on watching The Daily Show tonight - you know it will be a good one.

Also appearing tonight - The Obama Show at the Eyebuzz Fine Art Gallery in Tarrytown, New York. Guess who's going to be there?

obama finger puppet
My President Obama finger puppet! I'm very excited that he's traveled so far. Thank you Tara and Tim for making room for my little creation.
Now back to our regular programming.


  1. AWESOME! Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Molly! I was with Avery: I didn't love the poem as she read it live, today. Then I read it again, myself, thanks to All Buttoned Up.typepad.com, (with awesome pictures of Augie jumping on the couch)and it was incredibly poignant and beautiful.
    All in all, a bright, sunshiney-day for all of us, though!
    Your "Obama" is in good hands...I'll send you a picture of how Tim displayed him. Too cute!
    Thanks & Happy Barack Obama Day, to you and yours!

  3. I love that finger puppet!

  4. Yah for you and yah for Obama! Happy inauguration day!

  5. It is a wonderful day!

  6. Happy Barack Obama Day!

  7. Truly a happy "Obama" day!

  8. We wore pjs all day, knitted in the sun, drank irish cream in our coffee and praised #44. our service was being good mothers to our little ones. we said "at least we now have a president that can give a speech". let's hope for so much more.
    I dig his lego 44. clever builder.

  9. Amy had a link to the event, and when I saw your name on it I had to come on over and say congrats! So, CONGRATS!!! That's very cool!

  10. Love the finger puppet! That is so adorable.

  11. I see so much of you in that photo of Aiden.

  12. Why is it a great day? You all think abortion is wonderful?

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