Reasons To Celebrate

finally wearing socks!

- Wearing striped socks
- Rain
- Boys jumping in puddles
- Umbrellas drying on the porch
- A two hour hike in the canyon with my dear friend
- Finishing New Moon
- Season two of Big Love waiting for me at the library
- Beginning the 30 day countdown to 6 by lighting a match from Mr. Cupcake
- My acorn necklace being featured on Crafty Crow
- Eating last night's dinner tonight because George got home early yesterday and took us out
- Finally, finally recovering from sickies

And here's a funny for all you Weeds fans: Aidan asked me today what the area between his bum and penis was called. I was dying to answer, "the coffee table."

Enjoy the weekend friends!


  1. those are totally amazing socks that make me want to live somewhere that wool socks have any use whatsoever. Nice work!

  2. I have never watched Weeds but now I'm curious...

  3. love weeds... we stopped at 3rd season.. needed a break.. it was getting too dramatic!

  4. We watched the first two seasons of Weeds. We need to get our hands on the third.

    Great socks!

  5. I have that yarn and I love those socks! I've never seen Weeds...now I should watch it!

  6. so many reasons to celebrate! have a great weekend, molly.

  7. great socks! i just finished twillight...i checked it out for my hubby and he never read it, so i decided to...can't wait for the next one!

  8. Love the socks! I'm curious too about Weeds now.

  9. love your socks!!!!
    hope your weekend is wonderful!

  10. Here, here . . . especially the two hour hike with MY dear friend. Let's do it again!

  11. I've never watched Weeds either, but now i'm thinking Hmmmmmmm... nice list too btw.
    My son asked me the other day if having a vasectomy meant you got your penis cut off?

  12. Those socks are wonderful! They are making me want to pull out my fuzzy socks. Although they are not nearly as pretty as yours.

    And I love your shoes too!

  13. your socks are gorgeous! a wonderful thing to celebrate! i've never heard of weeds , but now must check it out:0)

  14. Oh! Those are the cutest. socks. ever.

    Glad you guys are whole again! And WOOHOO for Mr. Cupcake!

  15. there must be something in the air--Dan took us out on Saturday night. That never happens b/c he's an eat at home kinda guy....

    also loving those socks!!

  16. Your socks are FANTASTIC! Did you actually knit them, because if so you might be too cool to even consider being my friend...totally amazing!
    Yay for weeds and Yay for Mr. Cupcake!

  17. Great socks, and the shoes look pretty great too!

  18. I've never heard of weeds...how sheltered am I? Anyhow I'm lovin' those socks!! Pattern please?

  19. the socks are awesome. i don't know how to knit, but I love looking at other people's goodies!

    Thanks for the Weeds reference. Funny. But I favor your previous "Thug life" quote. GENIUS. I love that show!! One word for you: Conrad. sigh.


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