Summer Was...Pets

Our first pet joined our family this summer.

summer was...honey bunny

Honey Bunny. She's not the cuddly little bunny my children had hoped for; in fact she's rather aloof. You can sneak in a pet or two if you bring her a special treat. She especially loved blackberries this summer. These days she's enjoying the unwanted crust of our whole wheat bread.

Honey Bunny came to us in a cage. After a few days we created a bunny run in the yard - bamboo sticks and chicken wire - and let her run around every afternoon. Once she figured out how to escape, we set her free in the backyard. She is now a free range bunny.

Other pets came our way this summer, but only temporarily.

summer was...little miss chirper

Little Miss Chirper was quite a special guest. We still miss her. It was a rare treasure to hold such a tiny, delicate creature in our hands. The other morning we heard a very loud and boisterous bird song, and I told Aidan maybe it was Little Miss Chirper coming back to thank us for saving her.

summer was...composting worms

Unfortunately our composting worms were temporary as well. At the beginning of the summer our worm bin was thriving, but once it hit 100 degrees (and I allowed the compost to get a little too wet) our little wigglers were gonners. I feel horrible about their fate. The next time we start a worm bin I will be diligent about creating the right atmosphere for these amazing little critters.
Other animals that came our way this summer weren't exactly invited, though they did find our garden very inviting.

summer was...moles

Moles. Nasty little buggers. Devastated our potatoes, cucumbers and squash. What the moles didn't attack, much larger rodents did. Deer. Nasty big buggers. Next summer we'll be more prepared, and hopefully our garden will fare better. We'll just have to find a way to keep Honey Bunny out.


  1. Free range bunny! Does Honey Bunny stick close even though she doesn't have a cage? Like outdoor cats mostly do? Or does she go a-wandering?

  2. honey bunny may not be cuddly but she sure is cute!

  3. Is George going to build a winter home for Honey Bunny? Amazing you have to figure out how to keep some critters in and others out! Hopefully the winter garden will fare nicely. I think we're going to plant beets, Aunt Jan will love that. They are supposed to be good for the soil, loosens it up.

  4. ha.
    my 'summer was' is about animals too :)

    different angle, same subject.

  5. I love Honey Bunny. I've wanted a rabbit for so long, even an aloof one would do. However, practicality always sets in before I actually plunk down the money for one. I am not such a fan of the worms. Bit of a phobia actually.

  6. honey bunny ! the perfect name , she does look like a honey1 and funny we have a book called " bunny my honey" and love it! summer sounds good!


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