Have A Heart

I love that song by Bonnie Raitt. When I was pregnant with Avery, I saw Bonnie in the Whole Foods store in Mill Valley, shopping for produce. I tried very hard not to stare, but it was way cool.

Also way cool are these little pins we have been making. I know you need another project like a hole in your head, or should I say heart, but I promise these are fast, easy, and not very messy (unless you ask a five year old boy to make one with you - they just don't have the dexterity to work with seed beads).

One of Avery's favorite color combinations right now is brown and pink. Brown seed beads are not easy to come by, but I found them at the third store, and it was worth the search. They look like chocolate (speaking of which, I just made a chocolate cake that required three sticks of butter - someone come help me eat it, please).

Here is the chart we made, based on an 11x11 grid (eleven beeds fit snug on a medium safety pin), and the written pattern to accompany the graph. Bead A is the background, bead B is the heart.

Pin 1: 11 A
Pin 2: 2 A, 4 B, 5 A
Pin 3: 1 A, 6 B, 4 A
Pin 4: 1 A, 7 B, 3 A
Pin 5: 2 A, 7 B, 2 A
Pin 6: 3 A, 7 B, 1 A
Pin 7: 2 A, 7 B, 2 A
Pin 8: 1 A, 7 B, 3 A
Pin 9: 1 A, 6 B, 4 A
Pin 10: 2 A, 4 B, 5 A
Pin 11: 11 A

You will work from the top to the bottom of the heart, from right to left, so the heart hangs down from a large safety pin. As I finished each safety pin, I attached it to the larger pin, through the hole at the bottom (now the top), winding the pin through the coil at the bottom of the larger pin, so that the heart hangs from non-moving shank of the safety pin, and you can wear the pin.

Have fun with color combinations. I was thinking about adding a third color to make polka dots on the heart. I'm off to eat another piece of cake and make a few more hearts. It really is a shame crafting isn't an aerobic activity. Maybe I'll pop in Bonnie's CD and dance around a bit to burn off all that butter.


  1. These are so cute and you are right, I need another craft project like a hole in my head but since you were so kind to include a pattern, I think this will be done..soon!
    I'm alternating between chocolate cake and homemade bread tonight...someone come and save my thighs from myself!!!

  2. These are SO STINKING CUTE!

    And that banner... I'm going to just sit and stare at it a while :-)

  3. I always think it's important to help a friend (especially one that has taught you how to knit!). Count me in for that cake.

    Oooh, sorry I forgot about the salad the other night! It's been haunting me.

  4. Those are so cute! And that cake sounds so yummy. I wish I could come help you eat it.

  5. Psst: is that you're hands holding the knitting needles in Molly's picture? The picture is very cool, but you need to relax your hands! LOL

  6. Oh I remember making those when I was little. Do you remember the bracelets??? I used to wear mine all of the time.

  7. so cool! I already have two projects that are going to make this one have to wait but I am tempted. And as for the butter - butter is filled with fat-soluble vitamin A and is soooo good for you. I eat tons of it. It also calms down children. Really. So keep baking and I can't wait for the day I get to come in person.

  8. oh my - we used to make "friendship pins" and wear them on our sneakers at school .. you are really taking me back!! :^)

  9. Awwww-mannn, that's not fair! I want to come help you out with that cake... (the problem with being the only Dunham not living in the 530 area code!)

    I LOVE the bead art!

  10. OH! and your banner is fabulous.
    I guess that's nothing new... but it is fun to see the variety of wonderful you create!

  11. I shared the pattern and directions for the pin with a workmate. She's chairing the Relay for Life to help fight cancer. She loved the idea of making them to give as gifts!

  12. okay, yes...my naomi has been making these, but not with a heart pattern!

    yes, we will do this.

    and woa, i wish i could have a piece of that cake. for real.


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