Stayin' Alive

He may have just been buttering my toast, but the other night, George told Aidan that he realized I was actually keeping the family alive by feeding them every day, three times a day. Ah, finally some recognition for all my labor in the kitchen.

His compliment reminded me of this page from CDC? by William Steig (a very fun read). We also read Steig's book, When Everybody Wore A Hat, a very kid-friendly autobiography. I had no idea he was born in 1907.

I let Aidan play with my camera, and besides some very unflattering shots of me, he took this funny series of photos.

Avery had some fun in the kitchen today. First she made cookies (as seen in my new banner); they are sugar cookies with crushed Jolly Ranchers melted in the middle.

Then she made her own lava lamp using popcorn kernels, vinegar and baking soda (go here for directions and for many more way cool science experiments that kids can do mostly on their own).

After a trip to the thrift store, where she scored an ant farm for 49 cents, she caught some ants that had invaded the cabinet under the kitchen sink and spent the afternoon observing (I made her take the ant farm out of the kitchen and into the living room).

And then we had homegrown carrots with dinner. Aren't they cute?

That's about it for this ideal wife, but I will finish with one last word: LOST.

P.S. This is the second day spellcheck has not been functioning on Blogger, so please ignore any spelling errors. Perhaps I am not so IDL after all.


  1. That lava lamp is awesome. I wish I'd known about that this morning when Annika and I were playing with baking soda and vinegar (more kindergarten boycott due to sick brother staying home). And the cookies and the robot pictures! Wow! Sounds like an I-D-L day to me.

  2. Yes, I am in need of spellcheck, too! I love your new blog banner. I remember making similar cookies as a child. I know they weren't Jolly Ranchers, though. Hmmmm. Looks like a great day :)

  3. Great creativness! Proof that learning can be fun.
    IDL you're not!

  4. Good lookin' banner! It makes me want to eat it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Love the tummy time story. Can't wait to look at that science site and those cookies look really good......and pretty.

  6. love the banner!!!
    LOST as in the TV series...that we rented because we don't have cable and now have to wait even though everyone else is watching it this season...that LOST? If so, my hubby is very jealous...

  7. you are a LOST fan, too? Oh my, just more to discuss in our letters! I started your letter last night and ran out of room on my paper and got a hand cramp! See how out of shape I am with pen and paper? I'm so glad we're doing this. I hope you haven't minded waiting for my reply.

    I love those cookies. the banner is down right delicious.

  8. I want a lava lamp now...
    I also love your new banner, the cookies are perfect. Let's disusss Lost!!!

  9. That is the coolest group of photo's, and homegrown carrot's are THE best!!

  10. Do you have a recipe/directions for the cookies?

  11. Here is a link to a recipe similar to the one we used: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,1977,FOOD_9936_25218,00.html

    My daughter had the very clever idea to poke holes in the top of the cookies before baking so she could make a cookie neckace. Have fun baking!


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