Mistaken Identity

Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday. It is comforting to know I am not alone on the journey to become a better parent, and that we all get lost sometimes. I'm happy to report that the last two days have been much better than the two days previous.

Two of the blogs I enjoy reading occasionally, Betz White and Anna Maria Horner, have posted their celebrity look alikes. Sounds like fun to me, and I could use some fun right about now, so here are the celebrities I may (or may not) look like.

When I was in junior high, a girl in my art class insisted I looked like Elizabeth Shue (remember Adventures in Babysitting?).

A few years later, when Father of the Bride came out, I apparently looked a little like Kimberly Williams.

Most recently, I received several Lindsay Lohan comments. This surprised me the most because I am way older than poor Lindsay, and I wear underwear, especially when I go out in public.

Ah, that was fun. And what would be really fun is if you share your celebrity look alike. Pretty please?


  1. I've been told more than once that I resemble Steven Tyler of the Rolling Stones. Steven Tyler!!! I stayed in bed with the covers over my head at every mention.

    Copy and paste below web address in to your browser. You will weep. Maybe with laughter, or maybe with real tears like I did --

  2. No way Kirstie! Or should I say Sarah Silverman, or Kate Haight (OK, she's not a celebrity but maybe she should be). We looked at those pics and my kids agreed - definitely not (though I did like the Aged Prime Beef picture).

  3. this is hilarious.

    the only comment i've ever had is meg ryan...oh, now that is a compliment.

    oh no wait, liza minelli was one...not as exciting to me...i think it had to do with my hair do...

  4. I've only ever been told I look like Tina Fey & that's only when I wear my glasses! Oh, mom insists I look like a young Elizabeth Taylor when I wear my hair up, but I don't think many would agree with that. Although I wish!

  5. When we met Bob, Ginger Gre and Teri at Merchant and Main for dinner, the hostess was asked to look for someone resembling David Letterman. I've always thought I resembled Howdy Doody! Once I was asked if I were Simon Garfunkle! I even signed the dinner receipt as such.
    However you look like You!

  6. in highschool age days I got Molly Ringwald alot. I always loved that.

  7. Dad said when he met me I looked like Barbra Streisand. It must have been the nose! Oh, to have her voice! The night the servers at the restaurant thought he was Simon Garfunkel was the best though!

  8. Heather, I got Molly Ringwald too! In a club in NY when I was much younger and cuter someone thought I was her. But sadly the only similarity is the hair color.

    No more celebrity lookalikes; only told a few times that I look like my MIL. : /

  9. Oh I got Celine Dion once... Good times!

  10. Lindsay Lohan! I can see that, but poor, Lindsay. She has made a terrible bed to sleep in...

    When E.T. came out I used to get Drew Barrymore a lot. We are close to the same age. I've gotten it a couple times as an adult, too. One time when we were in Maine, someone insisted that I was. "Uh, no, I'm really not." (Funny thing is that she had blonde hair at that time and I had brown ;)

  11. Do I *ever* remember Adventures in Babysitting! Sadly, I have no idea which celebrity I look like, so I'll have to content myself with reading about everyone else's lookalikes! :)


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