Life is giving me...

and sugar snap peas.

My dad once asked me if I had all the time in the world to study just one subject, what would it be? I answered, botany. I love all things green and growing. I would love to know the healing properties of all plants and trees, the flavoring properties of all herbs, the Latin name for all things sprouting from the earth. One of my favorite books is the Sunset Western Garden Book, and I love to check out herbal reference books from the library.

After several years of casual research and careful observation, I now know much more about trees and plants than I did when my dad asked me that very important question. I can identify trees, growing conditions for certain fruits and vegetables, organic soil amendments and natural pesticides. Friends and neighbors actually ask me, ME, for gardening advice. I have so much more to learn, and I am enjoying the process.

It is a goal of our family to grow as much of our food as we can. It will take years to reach this goal, but we have made a good start this year. The kids love to see seeds sprout, pick their own food, observe bugs, smell and taste herbs. We have dirt under our nails, a slight green tinge on our thumbs, and a craving for food from our garden. Thank you Dad for helping me discover such a satisfying and rewarding course of study.

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