How to Identify a Homeschooler at the Library

A tote like this is a sure sign of a homeschooler on their way to or from the library. Full to the brim with books, magazines, audio books and DVDs, being pulled by one embarrassed mom. I never thought I would see the day when I carted books around on wheels. It reminds me of the more mature women at college with backpacks on wheels. Sure, it's better on the back, shoulders and neck, but not for me, I used to think.

The librarians appear a little exasperated when they see us coming, though I still don't know why. I would think they would be pleased that we are reading so many books. I truly feel sorry for my fellow library patrons who have the misfortune of being behind me in line. Avery and Aidan insist on using their own library cards to check out their items, while I use my card to check out "school" books and the occasional novel for myself. The scene must be quite funny, unless you are in a rush to check out one book. One adult and two children separating piles of books, digging for library cards, the librarian rolling her eyes. I occasionally glance over my shoulder, smile, and shrug apologetically.

On our way out of the library yesterday, Aidan asked to pull the library tote, and I was able to walk a little taller. A woman leaving at the same time commented how cute Aidan was, and commended our family for being such avid readers. As a high school teacher, she realized the importance of reading from an early age. She had kept her daughter supplied with a steady stream of books over summer vacations, and it had paid off she said, for her daughter is going to college with hopes of becoming a doctor. Aidan piped up, "I am going to be a doctor too." Words that would make any mom proud.

Back in the car, book tote loaded safely in the trunk, Avery asked Aidan what movies he checked out. The titles didn't satisfy her, so she said, "Good, more time for me to read my books." Another proud mommy moment. Occasions like this, and the memories of reading and listening to books together make me love that silly, yellow plastic tote on wheels.

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