Time to Say Goodbye


I've rearranged my bedroom, dining room, and living room.  I've cleared out closets and emptied drawers.  I've dropped off several truck loads of stuff at the donation center.  I've created space and simplicity. 

Yet there's one thing I've been hesitant to get rid of.  I've been ignoring it for months now, but today is the day I pack it away for good.

It's time to say goodbye to A Foothill Home Companion. 

The era of the family blog has passed for me and my family.  My children no longer want me to take their picture and tell their stories.  I appreciate their boundaries, and I too am creating some of my own. 

I'm ready for a new space.  A space all my own.   Spare, clean, and simple, like my newly arranged rooms. 

It will likely take me a while to settle in, but feel free to stop by and see my new digs:


Goodbye and hello.


  1. Congrats on your new venture, I just took the same leap myself. Looking forward to reading your new blog, I missed your writing!

  2. so good to hear from you! looking forward to the new blog!

  3. It was an awesome run!
    Looking forward to your thoughts in your new simple space!

  4. I've been too busy to keep with the blogs I follow via Feedly lately (including yours), but this morning I felt a pull to come over here directly and check and see if you'd posted anything. And here you were saying goodbye! I got a lump in my throat, literally, until I saw that you made a new place for yourself. Phew!

    I loved getting to know you here, and later in person. I hope that foothill home companion stays up, so I can come back and visit if I want to--especially when I have armpit stains. ;-)

    Off to your new space! xo.

  5. I did the same thing with a break of several years between the old and new. I added your new site to my Bloglovin' feed.Thanks for sharing!

  6. really glad you posted so we will know where to go to hear your beautiful voice. :) happiness and abundance to you in this new season!

  7. I miss your family blog as I miss the early childhood of your children, mine too for that matter :)
    But I am excited about the way you mastered that part of your life and are moving on to the next. . . kinda weird how you are so much younger than I and still are such a great teacher and mentor!
    thank you for sharing your journey!


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