The Skinny

I had no intention of exposing my bare midriff here for three weeks,
but life has been a little busy.

We hosted two parties in one day
then jumped in the car and drove to Oregon
where we all got sick
and couldn't wait to come home
so we could crash for a week and recover.

The good news is that the head cold
on top of the stomach flu
which triggered a migraine
and sent me to the ER
for two bags of IV fluid and a wicked drug cocktail
helped me reach my weight loss goal.

Hip, hip, hooray for
diet, exercise, and viruses
homecooking, housework, and life.

Either way
I'm feeling much better
and looking better than ever.

Aidan told me that I'm fitting into my body
and I couldn't agree more.

I just wish I could find a pair of jeans that fit as well as my skin
and time to post more about our paleo experiment.

But to be honest, I'd rather wear running pants
and sprint around my neighborhood,
then repeat a few rounds of squats, crunches, and push-ups
before heading back to the kitchen
to cook some meat and vegetables.

That's the skinny.


  1. well, poop! you guys were up here? i'm so so sorry you got sick. (love that she's reading a book called "crap".) will you please come again so we can visit?

    as for the weight/body/skin/aiden's comment... hooray! i want to feel that way.

  2. I'm so sorry you got sick. Next time we're getting together for sure. And I want to hear more about how you're looking and feeling. It may be time for me to take that plunge.

  3. "fitting into your body" i love that! such a good description, kinda profound even, and from a young one.

    i've had our dogs on the paleo diet for a couple of years on the advice of their vet. i think it's time for me to get on it.

    glad you're all feeling better.

  4. go you! i love the thought of "fitting into your body". perfect.

  5. Glad the sicks are on their way out. It is nice to start feeling like you fit into your body. Fantastic job on the new you.

  6. congratulations!!
    I seem to have stalled in my process of fitting back into my body.
    need to get back on that!
    thanks for sharing your success!!

  7. What a bummer that you all got sick on your trip! It sounds like you got *really* sick! So sorry. In my rushed recent emails, I forgot to even ask about your trip. :-(

    (At least you got to Powell's, I see. And look at that gorgeous reflective landscape. Lots of that on I-5.)

    Can't wait to see you and your well-fit skin tomorrow!


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