Gone to Seed

There's no place I'd rather be right now than out in the garden.

gardening with the chickens

With the chickens, who somehow know to eat the weeds and not my greens.

maple leafing

With the trees that are leafing, and beckoning barefoot boys.

bugs mating

With the bugs who are mating, and accidentally hitching a ride to the kitchen on my shirt.

arugula bolting

With the arugula that is bolting, promising seed for a fall planting.

peas blooming

With the peas that are blooming, testing our patience by making us wait for it's fruit.

I'm wondering if I can trust that the last frost has actually occurred, because I can hardly wait to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and basil (just to name a few). My mouth is watering at the prospect of pasta with chopped tomatoes and minced jalapeno, and a generous sprinkle of salt. Mmmmm. I could eat it every day. And hopefully in a few months time, I will. Until then, I'll be filling up on arugula with lemon juice, olive oil, slices of parmesan, salt and pepper, and thinking of my arugula loving friends. You know who you are.


molly, lazy blogger and enthusiastic gardener


  1. now is when i'm *really* missing my energy!! oh spring, how i hate that i'm missing you.

  2. One must listen when the garden calls. Love the new banner, Molly.

  3. Last year in Grass Valley we didn't wait and had to plant tomatoes twice and ended up with none! so WAIT!

  4. I just bought an heirloom tomato today. My daughter cannot wait to get it in the ground. We are late, but we are definitely enthusiastic.

  5. good for you! (the lazy blogger part, esp. i can relate!) i've got a few things already planted and pulled out my flower seeds today. i always seem to miss the planting window for these. not this year! calder and i even took the soil's temperature today. 60F. who knew the soil temp would be warmer than the air? come on little seeds. do your thing!

  6. Arugula, arugula! With lemon juice and a tad too much olive oil!

    I have none in my garden right now, but plan to remedy that with some seeds on Saturday.

    Love those tootsies in the tree.

  7. My peas are only now sprouting (I know because the squirrel has dug them up) but you have me thinking ahead to our local farmers market that starts again next week!

  8. I wish we were in our new house so I could really get my garden going. Hip hip HOORAY for warmer weather!

  9. Molly love your new banner! I agree my favorite place to be is in the garden. Acutally harvested some spinach again this morning for my breakfast smoothy. Sew those seeds and happy gardening to you. PS have you every had arugula pizza? Same ingredients you listed above just cooked on pizza dough (no sause), it's delish!

  10. beautiful post molly. your garden sounds wonderful.

  11. our garden is still very much in the beginning phase. but the lettuce is sprouting.

  12. Miss you! Putting in a black cherry tomato plant today. My first time with that variety but I've heard wonderful things. Life is flying by in a whirl over here but nothing can stop the call of the garden. Anything can stop the call of the dishes. Miss you - miss you. We will get together for blackberries - at the very least!

  13. hi. randomly came across your blog, i love it! it's so beautiful and inspiring. i especially love your last photo on this post.

  14. your pictures were just as tasty as the quick ans easy "recipes" you mentioned.

  15. i've been equally lazy and equally enthusiastic in exactly the same regards lately; kindred spirits unite!

    are your pea blossoms pale purple? if so, what lovely variety is this?

  16. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    I wish I could grow things. You make it look lovely.

  17. oh, I KNOW! I *almost* put the remaining seedlings out for good this weekend, but a little voice in my head told me not to. And so I wait. But I'm tellin' you, the next sunny day we have (which could be too long) I'm doing it!

  18. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

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