March On(e)

George is home from work this week.
We're on the go, go, go.


Yesterday we drove through leafless orchards highlighted with yellow mustard.
Today we're packing our snowshoes and heading for snow covered mountains.
In a few days we'll be driving through vineyards in search of historic monuments.


Already I feel the doldrums melting away.

We're enjoying a break from the everyday and enjoying a new rhythm this week. And speaking of new rhythms (sorry for the cheesy segue) . . .

The new edition of Rhythm of the Home is up today, and there's a little contribution over there from yours truly.

I'll be back in a few days with tales from our travels, and also a long overdue update to my blog header tutorial.

Happy March First!


  1. Molly, your post on Rhythm of the Home was beautiful. What a treasured friendship. Warmed my heart hearing of it. I'm hoping your planning on the June SQUAM - I'll be there! If not, add Boulder, CO to your RV driving itinerary! What a great series of blog posts that would be - a cross-country Blogapalooza! Such fun and adventure.
    xo Anne

  2. oh gosh, molly! so good.
    and seriously, if you do not see me when you are out here you know you'll be in so much trouble.

  3. Have a wonder filled adventure! Off to read RotH

  4. Such a wonderful article. Although a lurker for a long time, I have read both of your blogs and was envious of your meetup when it first occurred. I longed to live closer. I remained quiet and just watched for such a long time. I lurked until recently when I met a fellow blogger in real life. She was friends with the same people I knew only by reading daily. She had reached out in the comments. I vowed at that point to end my silence. I know deep connections are being made, and I see the value in them. I am now a commenter :) If you travel a trip to AZ would be a welcome one!

  5. Sounds like an equally appropriate, pun-nish title would also be March Forth!

    I love hitting the road. Makes me appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling, too. Enjoy your wanderings!

  6. Okay, just went and read your other, beautiful, post. So timely, because I am in San Diego right now and went out on a limb to suggest a meet up with a bloggers I have been reading for nearly five years. She was so welcoming, and we had a wonderful time together. Hooray for taking chances, and hooray for friendship!

  7. a wonderful post.
    enjoy your days.

  8. love these photos Molly.

    Your article for ROTH resonates very deeply with me; I am so thankful for the kindred spirits I have found here in blogworld.

    I am so happy for you that you have found a meaningful and deep connection in real life through the blogging community; I'm going to put in a vote for a pit stop here in Southern Indiana on your nation wide tour.

  9. Just read your RoTH piece...absolutely lovely.

  10. have fun you guys! and if you're ever near corvallis or we're ever near auburn (right?) we've got to meet up for some good times. :)

  11. I really enjoyed your article in ROTH. I suspect I live not far from you (although not as close as Maya) and I smiled, feeling grateful for a couple of friendships just like the one you described.
    Happy March.

  12. I LOVED the ROTH article. How true that this wonderful circle of blog friends can be {is} so very wonderful!

  13. Wonderful post Molly! Absolutely swing by if you make it down to So Cal. Hope your travel week is full of fun family adventures. Looking forward to seeing it through your lense when you get back. Have fun and safe travels!

  14. So glad you are on the go and shaking all that...winter off.
    We too have some adventures on the horizon. It is amazing how even just a day of switching it up can change the psyche.

    And i am really looking forward to digging into the new ROTH!

  15. Mustard! For the past few years I've wanted desperately to go to the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. I don't even love mustard that much - I think I more love the idea of a mustard festival. Love the bright tones of your images, and glad your oats turned out well!

  16. Love the ROTH piece, too. Lovely!

  17. oh. molly. well, i'll tell you tomorrow. i can't believe i missed this. you didn't say anything! i mean, it's the 9th! never mind, i make no sense, it's so late. i make poem...


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