Freaky Friday

So, I was supposed to share our field trip. And a tutorial update. But then my week got a little crazy. Sound familiar? It was crazy in a very good way, though, and I will share more about that soon.

There's more pressing issues right now. Namely the entertainment of one eight year old boy. A boy who is obsessed with zombies and who was determined to make himself into one today.


I think he did a very good job (with a little help from his mama). Without any red face paint, we had to improvise. Don't you love it when the improvisation is better than the original concept?




Here's our secret recipe for bored, zombie loving, dramatic, and theatrical children - of any age:

Paint your face with white, gray, or, in our case, silver face paint. Mix a small spoonful of beet powder, a teaspoon or so of corn starch, a few pinches of cocoa powder and just enough water to make a paste. Smear the paste wherever you'd like to create the appearance of a grotesque and meaty gash in your skin.

Put on some tattered clothing, one shoe, and walk slowly down the street, dragging one leg behind you (the one with the shoe, preferably, as zombies don't typically heal from abrasions), head slightly hanging to the side, eyes rolled up, arms rigid, muttering "brains, brains, brains".

Knock on your neighbor's door and give them a good fright. It's Friday, and it's freaky. Have fun!


  1. Love the zombie make up. My oldest boy's (almost 7) world revolves around Lego and Star Wars at the moment. When the two collide, even better. He has spent the last two days with his nose stuck in a Star Wars Encyclopedia. man, I love little boys.

  2. I showed my almost 8 yr old zombie lover. He loved it. My 6yr old asked if he was a real zombie. I think I know what we will be doing this week. They have their almost three yr old brother moaning "brains!" most of the time.

  3. Ha ha! I just might know a small zombie creature myself, and I just might happen to be a hapless victim when we "play zombies." I have no idea when or where the concept entered his head, but the boy is obsessed. I'm so excited about your fake blood recipe!

  4. We have been painting our faces with flowers and hearts lately. I think we need a little zombie out here! Thanks for the idea and great recipe! Bwa-ha-haaa!

  5. Very authentic zombie goodness!!! Owen will love this and I should no doubt put some face paint on the shopping list :)

  6. That last picture made me howl. And you know? I think you've figured out the *best* fake blood recipe. It looks so very real and...clotted and crusty. Mmmmm. Beets.

  7. Awesome effect. Very real looking. My guy is only 4 1/2 and really has no idea what zombies are - but I'm keeping this up my sleeve for when he does. Great pictures.

  8. Oh, how I miss having kids around!

  9. I see a career in special effects in somebody's future. Amazing makeup job!

  10. I will have to remember this. My son went as a zombie for Halloween and my makeup job wasn't anywhere near this good.

  11. hbhjarbfhjvabkhakjvhbadApril 15, 2012

    That looks so good! So Real! So fantabulous as my daughter would say! When my daughter Imogen went as a witch for halloween I have to say she wasn't nearly as realistic as that. But it could do with some improving:) My one of course. Compared to that I look like a complete idiot who doesn't know how to use a brush


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