Field Trip, Part Two

jack london's cottage

Sneak in on a guided tour of Jack London's cottage with a kind and knowledgable docent.

Never mind the high school kid who's researching the history of the land.

Imagine living in Jack London's cottage, complete with detached kitchen and dining room (turned sitting room for museum - go ahead, imagine the farm table that once occupied this space).

jack london's cottage

jack london's cottage

jack london's cottage

jack london's cottage

jack london's notes

jack london's cottage

Wonder how Jack London was able to not only write 50 books in his short 40 years, but also be an agricultural pioneer. Wonder why you can barely write a few emails and do the laundry in one day.

this man needs a vineyard of his own

Figure out how you can get this man a vineyard of his own (though let's face it, you're the one who wants the vineyard - he'd rather have a hop farm.)

vineyards at jack london state park

jack london state park

Climb the mountain to Jack London's personal lake.

Try to ignore your son's constant whining about the uphill hike. Be grateful for the sound absorbing properties of huge redwood trees, moist ferns, and damp earth.

Give your husband extra points for intentionally standing in front of the trail marker while the kids walk by - you don't want them to see how many miles you still have to go.

Bribe your son with a cold root beer on the way home if he will only. stop. whining. please. Be amazed at how well this bribe works.

Ignore the stench and hide your great disappointment with the cesspool that was once Mr. London's swimming hole. Ewwww. Don't even take pictures. Just plug your nose and hurry back down the hill.

coming home

Jump in the car and note with surprise the time - you've been hiking for several hours! You're nearly late for dinner with your parents and grandparents.

Change your plans to visit a brewery on the way home. Stop at a convenience store for drinks. Enjoy your family dinner.

Go home and get ready for part three of your field trip. This time, the husband and kids are staying behind and it's all. about. you. More to come.


  1. I could so see living in that place now...forget years gone by. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing how you spent your alone time. xo

  2. Don't you love visiting the homesteads of bygone authors?? We visited Louisa May Alcott's home in MA a few months ago. It's like her presence is still there somehow.

    50 books?!?! Had no idea. I bet he didn't have no Internet distractin' him. And maybe he did laundry by jumping fully clothed into the once-clean swimming hole.

    My kids are the same way on a hike. Just to comfort you. :-)

  3. I loved Call of the Wild. Looks like a cool place to tour. Places like this are so appealing -- we've spent some time at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West in Scottsdale. It was a great tour, too. There's just something about standing where they stood ...

  4. These are gorgeous shots! Thanks for the virtual tour!

  5. That was wonderful, thank you. I love armchair travelling.

    (I don't understand root beer though. I tried it once, and it was just like liquid Germolene.....)

  6. the austere furnishings and clean lines..... so dreamy. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  7. Oh! That house is gorgeous! I'd love to take that dish drainer and dishes home with me :)

  8. I love these field trips. Oh, and my oldest son would also be whining about the length of the hike. he loves being outside but does not like the idea of exerting himself. Hmm. Love that your man stood in front of the trail marker. Can't wait for part 3.

  9. Such an inspiration. I think I could live there. I never realized how prolific he was. We take similar hikes. My daughter hates hiking, so we have started calling everything a walk.

  10. Oh, and a hop farm sounds like a great plan

  11. Beautiful post. I love the shots you got, and how wonderful your husband must be to stand in front of markers! Haha.

  12. You took great pictures, personal and peaceful.
    One of the best museum houses I've been to is Christian Olson's house in Maine.(Andrew Wyeth's model for Christina's World) If you are ever in Maine, its near Thomaston.

  13. I have a feeling you are going to have a vineyard of your own some day. Or a crop of hops. Either one is wonderful.

    Too bad about his swimming hole turned cesspool. Ick. But (root)beer makes everything ok in the end.

  14. Oh wow! Look at that wood sink counter!!!!! Its so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your trip!



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