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Do you want to know the best way to start your day?

Step 1: Pour yourself a cup of coffee. It tastes even better when your husband makes it.
Step 2: Look at your friend's uploads on flickr. Nothing like seeing beautiful images first thing in the morning.
Step 3: Read all the warm and encouraging comments your friends have left on your blog about your new dog.
Step 4: Take your dog for a walk. Enjoy the cold and quiet.

Thank you friends for making my days even better.


Do you ever wish you lived in a model home? A magazine spread? A designer showcase?

I do. Especially when I'm looking around my house through my camera lens. Perfection and real living do not go hand in hand. But really, I'd rather live in a real house than a fake one. At least that's what I tell myself.

It's been a while since I shared a slice of real life here:

Aidan took apart our broken globe and turned it into a fruit bowl. Bet you haven't seen that design idea in a magazine.

Avery and her friends have rediscovered their dolls. It reminds me of when I was in sixth grade and my neighbor and I would play with Barbies after school.

There are far too many projects on our table. The temporary table we put up for Thanksgiving. I wonder if it will stay up until next Thanksgiving. I cleared it off after I took this picture, but it's filling up again.

Sweet Ellen of Growing Gills sent me a few patterns from an old magazine for crocheted jute rugs. George likes them a lot, and he asked me to show him how to crochet when we have some down time. He probably doesn't want me to tell you that, but I'm just way too excited about the prospect of hooking with my husband.

My mom, brother and I have a new photography project this year. Each month, one of us selects a word, and we take pictures prompted by that word. At the end of the month, I put the pictures together in a triptych.

January's word was "weather":


His, hers and mine.

This month's word is "triangle". I've been looking everywhere for triangles. Mostly seeing them in roof lines. Then yesterday I realized my newest project is very triangular:

oops i did it again

Oops. I did it again. I just can't seem to get away from crocheted garlands. There are so many possibilities.

I'll post the pattern for the mini pennants next week. A big thanks to Whip Up for sharing my crochet star pattern the other day. I'm always so excited by the surge of traffic to this site when my projects are linked. Then I get nervous and wonder if I can keep the interest of new readers. Yet another dilemma of blogging. I'm lucky to have such simple problems.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, whether or not you come back!


  1. Lovely pictures, lovely words: this reader is staying put! A lovely weekend to you, too...

  2. Molly, you are a CONSTANT source of inspiration. I love your writing style, your real life way of sharing, and the constant stream of projects that you share. Lots to take interest in here!

  3. i'll be back (said in my best terminator voice)...

  4. OH I cannot wait for the pattern!!!! LUV. This is really so, so cute. And I love the word project you're doing with your family. That's totally cool.

  5. I think our sons would get along quite well. He used a broken globe half for quite a while as a bowl/storage container. I laughed when you talked about hooking with your husband - sometimes my mind interprets things a bit differently. I think a house that looks like people live there is a home and it is worth visiting. Those you often see in pictures are houses. To me there is a difference (said as I sit at a table similarly covered with ideas in progress).

  6. I am addicted to your little hearts (I have about twenty strung up on my fridge). I am ready for a new vice and can't wait for the pennants. Thanks in advance! Have a great weekend!

  7. I am very curious about your jute crocheted rug patterns, can you share a picture? A friend with a "real" house, too!

  8. Molly, I don't know if you will ever use that phrase again "hooking with my husband" but it gave me a chuckle! Hopefully he likes "hooking" and you can use the phrase more often. The next post in my reader was from Alicia Paulson - she has Andy knitting (not hooking)!

  9. I just found your blog today through Whip Up and I am absolutely delighted! I will definitely be "following" you from now on!

    ps I can't wait for that crochet triangle pattern!!


  10. You can You can keep your readers - I love your blog. I love your photos and your projects and the simplicity and ease with which you deliver it all.

  11. I think *hooking with my husband* sounds a tad naughty. (But it might bring in more cash than selling heart garlands on etsy!)

    (Now I'm being naughty.)

    I love the new family photo project. It looks like an eye for photography runs in the genes!

  12. I love the photo of your table! The half globe fruit bowl is awesome....if I come across a broken globe in the future, I'm making one for sure!

  13. I agree, totally (!), the best mornings in the world are the ones with
    good coffee and beautiful photos to look at. My boyfriend and I own a
    bakery, which is just below our apartment and where there is the best
    big espresso machine. Imagine the delicious beverages we drink in the
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  14. 1. Dog? I think i mauve some catching up to do.
    2. I love tha that you have a creative project with your mother and brother.
    3. Once again, a fabulous garland handmade by you,
    4. My husband crochets. He learned from his grandmother when he was a boy. He crocheted the tiniest baby hat when we were expecting our first baby. In fact he taught ME how to crochet! (aaaaand he probably would love that I am sharing this)
    5. Thinking about model homes reminds me of the blog "catalog living" have you seen it? You must. You will cry Hysterical laughing tears.

  15. Grrr! Damn you, auto correct!

  16. Yes that crochetting with a small hook and thin yarn can be addictive.
    If it makes you feel I'll be hanging around your blog this weekend making hearts and stars.

  17. I'd say, never worry about interest for your blog. Your joy and love shine through. What is better than that? I would also add that the love that shines through with your whole family is fantastic. I see and hear the connection that you all have. It's a blessing.

  18. Jonny can crochet and knit--at least he has in the past. I have to reteach him from time to time when he gets interested. When we were in college together he crocheted a big stack of granny squares. I need to get him to do that again and this time actually put them all together when he's finished.
    Traffic surges on my blog make me a little nervous too.

  19. Look, a real table, with real mess on it! What a relief.

    And those baby dolls - the problem with how realistic they look is how shocking it can be for a nano-second when you spot them dangling upside down by one leg, being dragged through a supermarket by a toddler, or lying sprawled on a table!

  20. The project with your brother and mother is a great idea. It will be interesting to see the different perspective you each bring to the same word. I always enjoy my visit here -- honest words and beautiful photos. It's just a welcoming place you've created here.

  21. i actually really like the globe cum fruit bowl and have already mentally added globe to the thrift list. and your garlands are so charming. i have crochet envy!

  22. Never fear, Molly. They'll return. You're habit-forming, and you don't take reader friends for granted,

    Love love love the family photo project.

  23. but then your garlands are so special.
    i understand the passion...

  24. these mini penants are precious! and your messy table isn't so...rather artfully disheveled i think.

  25. I am heading to the thrift store Monday and going to give it a whirl. I really loved the stars.

    And the photo project with family. Coffee and Flickr. are pretty good too.

  26. I love this post.
    I have been hinting to my husband that it would be great to get crafty with him, that I think he would really enjoy knitting, but he is resistant to all things fiber. Except for dyeing...I think the idea of a little notebook of formulas is what appeals to him about that. Sigh.
    And I adore the idea of sharing a creative project with family...one word...three vastly different images, all beautiful, all expressing that word in the unique world of each photographer. I love it and I hope you post more of them. I might just have to lift that idea and get some scattered friends/family to join me!
    And I'm sure I don't need to say that I think those pennants are adorably awesome!

  27. Such a lovely post, all the way around. I love the word plus pictures idea.


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