one sunset, three ways




there are things i'm not telling myself.

it's not denial; it's a shift
from thinking to doing,
from planning to being,
from should do to done.

there are no lists, no schedules, no agenda. just action. i am the rolling ball.

i'm immersed in motion, pushing any thought of it to the back of my mind. if i tell myself what i'm up to, i might talk myself out of it. whatever it is. my body seems to know, and my brain can discover it as it occurs.

amazingly, but not surprisingly, i'm accomplishing much more by doing than thinking.

and the ball rolls on.


  1. Molly, I really enjoy your blog, and wanted to say again I am happy you are "back."

  2. No calendar up here yet and no lists and like you I am finding I am accomplishing so much.

    I took such a long break from blogging and was so inspired by Habit and you, that I am back blogging and it's with no effort. It's never felt this way before. I love it.

    Loving all of your beautiful photos, Happpy New Year Molly!


  3. i'm not sure if it has been your distancing yourself from blog land a little or being more intentional with priorities, but i've noticed a shift here and a calmness and assuredness that comes through on your blog. it's nice, and it serves a reminder to me.

  4. I love it when the ball rolls without any pushing.

  5. Brains. They totally fool us into thinking they are more than just mere organs. Most of us introvert types could really do with them taking a back seat.

    Glad to hear you are not suffering from the post holiday inertia that I am. It feels good to move. Enjoy!

  6. i love pictures like those. nicely done :-)

  7. "I am the rolling ball." Love it. Roll on!

  8. I love the new banner! I can relate to your post...It's nice.

  9. exciting! and motivating for me too. thanks!

  10. I had to laugh when I read this because I was in the middle of writing a similar post. My mistake is that I actually do let myself think. Which makes me start arguing with myself.

    Just be the ball. Just be the ball...

  11. What lovely photos!

    I have to post my huge THANK YOU!!!!!! here because your email is lost in my crazy laptop right now, I'm hoping to fix it today. Anyways... THANK YOU! (again.) I received your card and beautiful crochet-heart-string today. I got it so late because we moved, and only just got the mail from the last house. sigh. Anyways I love that pretty chain, and am memorized by how delicate it is. Oh its is so gorgeous...How great is snail mail? wow. I love the screen print of a bike on the card too. You have left me totally inspired. Thanks so much, it was so nice to exchange with you. I am so glad you like the prints too... :)

  12. Beautiful pictures, thank you!

  13. Amazing! Your words are like a deep, calm breath. I am loving them so much!

  14. Do you have Internet chez vous again? I notice you've been spoiling us by posting more often ...

  15. hurrah for the balls rolling. (within control of course)


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