new year's note to self


make plans.
set goals.
develop projects.
list resolutions.
dream big.
expect more.

but remember: the only thing you have to change this year is the calendar.



  1. those lists are brewing in my mind as well. cannot wait to see what you are considering for the 2011.

    it is fantastic to see you back in this space! i have missed you!

  2. Happy New Years Molly...
    Just got a chance to catch up a bit. Time away from the computer has already started around here. I see more of that in 2011.
    Always good to see all you have been doing... and thinking!

  3. perfect...
    and I know just where you took this. one of my best friends lives in your hood :)

  4. hey, well look at that. you guys got a fair bit of snow today. is it all gone now?

    oh, and that bale of straw. we need one too. and it fits just about as well in your car as it does in ours. alas, the girls yard is such a mud pit. they really need some in there to dry things out. i love the golden ground just after you lay it down.

  5. There's a man who comes in every morning to the cafe where I occasionally wait tables and he sits in the same spot at one of the bar stools where we can chit chat with him and any others who come to sit by him while we work.
    Last month he turned 90.
    This morning, curious to see what a person with his life experience might answer, I asked him if he had any new year's resolutions.
    his response: "I'm going to hang the new calendar."

  6. Words to start a new year by.

  7. Fantastic mantra.... Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

  8. A good thought. Happy New Year

  9. i love your words. always.

    bonne année 2011 !

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