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Well, it's later rather than sooner. A whole month has gone by since I last wrote. It's not that I haven't been thinking about you - you are almost always on my mind. Did you notice I gave you a new header? The Chinese lantern shot seemed so last season. The calendar thinks it's still Fall, but the thermostat and I feel otherwise. Fall seems like a not-quite-long-enough weekend oh so long ago, just a brief respite between two extremes. It's now extremely cold - at least for a California girl like me. All the leaves in the picture above have disappeared - only a few frost laden maple seed pods cling to the tree.

I've moved from dystopian literature into the study of economics, at least until the library gets a copy of The Witch Of Hebron, the sequel to World Made by Hand, by James Howard Kunstler. There are actually a lot of similarities between economics and apocalypses. It's all about doom and gloom followed by recovery. As Lois Lowry said when we heard her speak recently, all stories start out with something being not quite right and end with a resolution.

lois lowry, live

Seeing Lois Lowry in person and having one of our Anastasia Krupnik books signed was definitely the highlight of November. The whole experience really kindled my passion to write. Now to figure out what to write. . . perhaps an economic apocalypse? I think I've been listening to too much NPR.


Thanksgiving was swell. I spent far too much time cleaning and rearranging the house, I cooked way too much food, and I almost forgot the cranberry sauce. Now that the windows are washed, the books and bookshelves are dusted and once again color coordinated, the family room has a new coat of paint, the leftovers are gone (except for the port blue cheese ball), and the table is clear of dirty dishes, we're ready to turn the living room into craft central (click to see what craft central looked like two years ago). There will be knitting and sewing, for sure. I just taught Avery how to knit continental, as opposed to the American way I taught her a few years ago, and she is diligently working on a scarf. She also came up with a very clever repurposed scarf pattern which I will share later this week. Can you believe it? Two posts in one week! Well, at least that's the plan.


'Til then, be well, stay warm and write back. I'd love to hear what you're up to.


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for some time now. Love your pics and the warmth of your home. Keep creating and blogging!

  2. Noticed the new banner right away. It's beautiful. I'm impressed with your economics reading. I took one course, no wait, had one lecture on economics in a women's study course at university and I have to say, that was enough economics to me. Beautiful words and pictures. Can't wait to see craft central.

  3. good to hear from you Molly. How are your ladies? Love how you have been filling your days.

  4. My daughters and I are huge Lois Lowry fans. How wonderful to hear her speak. As an aspiring writer myself, I think if you feel called (for lack of a better word) to write, just do it. Don't over think it and feel you need to have an outline or a plot. Just start and stay with it.

  5. it IS nice to hear from you! sounds like these long spaces in between posts are giving you lots of time to engage in and appreciate your days, the flow, and changes. you were, doing this before, but i guess a recap post such as this makes it seem like you were able to do more because you weren't blogging. who knows? i'm glad you're doing well.

  6. hello, dear! I was just thinking about you a) on Sunday, when someone suggested my poms would make good candlesticks and b) just now when I asked my honey friends for some b-grade beeswax.
    lovely photo.

  7. Thinking of you too - and yes, fall is way too short - way too short

    I keep meaning to send an email or find a perfect little time to enjoy some time with you

    Right now I am scarfing up persimons. Just bought 8 more at the market today. We made maple candy the other day and we all sent a big thank you to you.

    Miss you

  8. have you any idea just how many times I check in to see if you've written again? It's shameful, really. And two posts in one week made me very happy. Your fall sounds like it's been a dream. Oh! I finally got radical homemakers and am DYING to sink my teeth into it but alas, it is my busy season and it will have to wait until the holiday orders are out the door. sigh.(though I have to admit I keep picking it up here and there and reading bits of it)
    Nice to "see" you here again, friend.

  9. sounds like life is treating you well. xo.

  10. Love those bowls with holes...

  11. hello, hello from your no. one canadian fan. I, too check your blog daily waiting in anticipation. December is proving to be a stellar month. Lois Lowry is one of my favourites.

  12. Life sounds good in your world Molly!
    Lois Lowry is so amazing. I would love to hear her speak.
    We are still pretty warm here considering... but keeping the fire burning.
    Best wishes for the holiday season!!

  13. I had this post pulled up on my computer for two days, and somehow never managed to comment. But I can't let go your mention of being inspired to write. Do it! Maybe just jot down notes or freewrites for a while, until something speaks to you.

    I know what I want to talk about when I see you...

  14. Funny to see your mention of Lois Lowry as I had my son's copy of The Giver (8th grade English assignment) in front of me to read. (I love how my son tosses around "dystopian".) And then you mentioned James Kunstler! We've been waiting for this sequel and voila! We'll add Ms.Lowry's other books to need to read list though I may buy the Kunstler book for hubby! Thanks for the heads up!

  15. I love your line that "Thanksgiving was swell." What a perfectly sweet and simple way to say it. My dining room table is craft central, loaded down with fabric, the embroidery machine, knitted hats and Christmas cards. I absolutely refuse to panic!!!


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