A Day, a Mom and a Boy

Sometimes a day gets away from a mom and a boy.

A boy is excited about an early morning excursion with dad, too excited to eat breakfast, and a mom, equally excited about a mom-less excursion, pours herself another cup of coffee and doesn't push her breakfast menu. A mom packs snacks for a boy who will surely be hungry once on the road, snacks a boy will reject when a better offer, namely chips and a sports drink, is made.

A mom fixes lunch for a boy with blue stained lips, but a boy is still too excited to eat. There are stories to share with friends and neighbors. A mom will let a boy go share these stories because it means a little more quiet time, which she gets very little of and enjoys very much.

A mom wrestles a spray bottle out of a boy's hands, lest she be sprayed in the face again, while a boy yells that he doesn't want to go to swimming practice. A mom knows that a boy should go to practice and fulfill his commitment to his team, and should not spray her in the face with a spray bottle, but will realize that a boy, high on excitement and blue electrolytes, has not had a square meal or a dull moment all day long.

a boy and his chickens

A mom knows what a boy really needs is a little time with a shovel, a chicken hug or two, a bath, a real meal, and a bed. A mom and a boy need to put to rest a day that got away and prepare to chase a new day.


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    :) I really enjoyed this little day in the life of a mom and a boy. And the photo on the right is especially awesome.

  2. Sounds familiar. Good for you for calling the shots like you did...

  3. You are a wise woman.

  4. Agh. You got me right on a day, at a time, when I was wondering to myself why my relationship with my own boy seems so much more complex than with my daughters.
    I know I tend to second guess myself a lot, especially when it comes to positions of control. You're wise to write these experiences down so that when you're tempted to do so yourself, you can look back and see that you made the intuitive choice and it was the right one for that day.

  5. Each moment at a time.
    Beautiful photographs.
    Warm wishes, tonya

  6. Wonderful post about the boy, his Mom, his Dad, and the wonder of a boy's world.

    Great pictures.

  7. Love the images and the simple story. Yes - there are those days that get away from us and somehow by late afternoon I realize that Adam has not eaten a real meal. The thing is that by the time they are Nicholas' age - they don't let you forget to give them a meal.

    What do you think about going berry picking? I've never been. Would you guys be interested? This weekend we have a wedding but I am open after that. If not - we'll catch up another way. For some reason, your little one with his feathery friend made me want strawberries?

  8. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    Sounds like a very wise woman and a wonderful Mom.

    Love the pictures.

  9. great post. i can so relate to this! i have two boys and there have been times just like this. i smiled when i saw the photos...especially because we have those exact same breeds of chickens! i love it!!

  10. I think most moms with boys can relate. I know I can :) Everyone needs a day off sometimes!

  11. I had daughters, so don't know much about life with a boy. I would relish a chicken hug once in awhile myself.

  12. oh so true. glad you got some time, and your boy too.

  13. I think putting ones life into the third person is a genius strategy. I should try it.

  14. Isn't it wonderful to be able to provide our boys with what I call "farm work?" (never mind that we don't live on a real farm.) I find that it's just what my three wild men need on most days-hauling water, digging holes, gathering eggs, pulling weeds-all these wonderful outdoor chores.

  15. yes. We have turned to chicken therapy a few times ourselves. Magical powers out there in that coop, I suspect.

  16. sounds wonderful. :) this is a great post.

  17. In response to the last post (I'm a little behind) DO NOT MISS THIS:
    another beautiful rendition of Poker Face.


    as well as Gaga's own AWESOME version of Paparazzi:


    I never liked her much myself until I saw that. ;)

  18. I seriously heart your life! :) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    I hope you had a relaxing day!

  19. Smiles at tuning in... sometimes all it takes is a step back to see what they really need... an understanding mom and a chicken hug... That's hard to beat! :)

  20. Aren't all problems solved by a hug (chicken, dog or human), a bath, a real meal and a bed?
    I'm so glad your children have a mom who taps into these timeless cures
    PS your baby's face is looking awfully old in this picture.

  21. love this. i could use a chicken hug myself.


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