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laying down, looking up

(Borrowed from Lori of In Heywood's Meadow and Camp Creek Blog)

Well, it's not really a meadow, and I'm certainly no Thoreau; it's just my backyard, and there is a lot going on.

A few bags of cover crop seeds and 20 fruit trees have transformed our backyard from a dirt bowl to a destination. I went out back to hang laundry on the line yesterday, and was immediately distracted from my task by this bumble bee.

bumble bee

I followed him all around the yard with my camera. I wish he would have stayed longer. Maybe he'll tell his friends about our place. It seems we have about 100 honey bees for each bumble bee.

honey bee and cherry blossoms

I love the honey bees just as much, of course, but it's all too easy to take what's common for granted. The blossoms don't seem to mind who does the job, just as long as someone carries the pollen.

apple blossoms

The blueberries, raspberries and apples are just about ready to open up for bee business.

more bugs in action

The stink bugs are getting down to business. I've seen plenty of them connected by their south ends only, but this is the first pair I've seen in a rapturous embrace. Or should I say wrestling for the sake of the younger crowd out there?


The hops are certainly glad to be out of pots and in the ground. I'm praying they survive and flourish - I can already imagine a hop header come late summer.

getting bigger every day

Just look how the baby chicks are growing. They love to hide in our jungle of Daikon radish and mustard. Little do they know that, sniff, sniff, the radish and mustard are just about ending their sojourn in our meadow, and will be replaced with melons and squash in the next few months. Good thing the purple vetch, sweet peas and clover are gearing up to host the bugs.

lady bug

I'll definitely invite the radish and mustard back next fall. They have been most instrumental in the transformation of our backyard. Armed with my sunhat, camera and book, I'm heading back out to my meadow today to ponder the miracle of Spring.


  1. What gorgeous photos!!

    You've got me all intrigued about your garden now. I'd love to see pictures of how you've got it all set up if you're ever interested in sharing some; I'm working on my backyard transformation and could use some inspiration!

  2. yes, more pictures please of your backyard homesteading. especially of your coop : )

  3. I agree with Lise and dmoms, more pictures of the garden and coop :) things around here are just starting to green up, I can't wait to plant the garden.

    Your photos are amazing!!!

  4. Oh, that first shot up toward the sky is just magical! And also the new bee shot in your header. I love it. Makes me want to go outside and check my new colony. I'm off!

    Warm fuzzy thoughts from one backyard to another.

  5. look at all that pretty!
    and all that 'wild life'.
    sounds like a perfect afternoon spent.

  6. Beautiful! I want your camera and your perspective (and you backyard)!

  7. I want to adopt your backyard!! Lovely!!!!!!!

  8. oh boy, Molly, I can see you're having tons of fun in the garden ! both while gardening AND taking photos !
    sorry I've been so absent from your blog, I deeply apologize. Each time I visit is a thought provoking time & a treat for the eyes too. So, thanks a lot my friend.
    I hope you're all (chickens included) doing well
    many hugs to all xoxo

  9. i love the filtered look of the first photo! such a relaxing post, how lucky to see so many honeybees! we are seeing more of the bumbles and yes lots of insects connected at the hip these days too ; ) isn't it great to be out in the dirt again!!

  10. I read this this morning and have been inspired all day by its rhythm and promise.
    As I look at our dirt.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing... it was a dreary, rainy, yucky day here and your photos brought sunshine to my world! And I agree with the others... please share more!

  12. I'm often seen stalking the native blue banded bees that buzz the tomatoe flowers in my backyard. There are so many goings on when you stop to look. Your blossoms are beautiful!

  13. that is quite a backyard! it gives me some ideas of what i want my yard (when i have a yard) to be someday. i hope those bees bring you lots of fruit!

  14. oh, molly! that first photo is just so incredible. i can't stop looking at it!
    and the chicken behind...well, that is just so very good.
    i hope you have a wonderful spring day today! xo tt

  15. The pics are beautiful, Molly girl!

  16. What wonderful moments in nature well captured! Those stink bugs can slow down that wrestling for all I care. I need to look into what their purpose is here anywho other than trying to take over my house. Your garden looks lovely!


  17. As someone who's garden is at least 6 weeks away from apple blossom and the rest - your wonderful pictures of what is to come filled me with excitement and anticipation - thank you for sharing all that loveliness! :D

  18. Molly, Molly quite contrary
    How does your garden grow?

    Oh my dear, I am going to be calling on you as I plan my garden out at the house in Meadow Vista.

    Your photos are just gorgeous!

    (and I'm sure you don't mind being called "contrary." I figure it's a compliment!).

  19. Bumbles are rare around here, too. They're the first to appear, then seem to go away somewhere when the honeybees and wasps come.

  20. It really is a magical time of year. You capture it all so beautifully. and comically

  21. Your photographs are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Kay


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