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I had a dream the other night that I was traveling north in an RV, and somewhere between California and Oregon, I took a detour off the main road and found the perfect town. There was a huge park full of people training for the Olympics. The park included a snow covered mountain, complete with moguls and jumps, and an outdoor ice skating rink. The town was small and quaint, with the kind of downtown that begs you to park your car (or RV) and walk up and down both sides. A friendly young woman was telling me all about how wonderful the town was, then she said, "And we get internet access for two hours a week, which is plenty of time to do a podcast."

I knew there had to be a catch - internet access for only two hours a week? Could I survive? I suppose I'd have more time to train for the Olympics. And why the podcast statement? Do I have a secret, unrealized desire to make my own podcast? Hmmmm.

Thankfully our town has internet access 24 hours a day, and I spent a good 2 hours yesterday listening to a new-to-me podcast while I sewed. I'm probably late to this party, but have you heard Orangette's Spilled Milk podcast yet? So, so good. Delicious in fact. The hosts, Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenburg, are full of the witty word play that whets my appetite and makes me hungry for more. I devoured all six podcasts and am anxiously awaiting the next course - corned beef. Mmmm. How could I not look forward to that dish?

What did I sew, you ask?


Slippers. Vintage wool on the outside, cashmere on the inside. They feel oh so good on my feet, until I try to walk around. Sadly, they are not the most functional slippers. I used the Guest Room Slipper pattern from Weekend Sewing, but modified the assembly to avoid hand-sewing the sole. I think I'll toy with the pattern some, maybe add more coverage around the top of the slipper and some height around the back of the heel. I'll definitely line my next pair with cashmere. My sister-in-law gave me several cashmere sweaters to repurpose, and I think this is just the right use for them. Feel free to recommend a slipper pattern if you know of a good one.

And just in case you haven't had enough of me yet today, pop over to Handmade News for a little interview with yours truly.


  1. love that pod cast. they are so silly.

  2. Your "dream" town sounds awesome... I don't know, two hours of internet might just be a good thing for me! :)
    What fun to read your interview! Looking forward to the book... no pressure of course!

  3. I love it! Great dream. When we're in Oregon during the summer, we have to drive to our internet access. It definitely changes our rhythm (and in a good way).

    I have not listened to that podcast. Sounds like I have some fun ahead of me. Yay!

    And the slippers are adorable. I have that book - I may need to tackle them myself.

  4. What about a simple buttonable strap across the top ... You could sew in a Dr scholl's if you needed it ;)

  5. I *love* Spilled milk. It's fun.

    The slippers are great. Too bad they don't function well - they look cute and comfy!

  6. Good luck...I am no help in that area...just with compliments and they LOOK super snazzy. :)

    Thanks for the pocast rec, I will be sure to take a listen....I feel a bit overwhelmed in choosing my own to listen to, so a good review is a great place to start for me!


  7. Very nice! I have a slipper pattern that I've yet to try from an Angry Chicken e-mail newsletter. Seeing these I'm really compelled to dig it out; I'll let you know the outcome if it's favorable, I'm sure the pattern is still available for purchase from AC. I'm so glad for the idea of cashmere lining, brilliant! I even already have some I could use. I'm wondering what exactly you mean by "not the most functional"? Like they don't stay on?

  8. I do love a good day dream and have been loving Spilled Milk--so terrific! I love, love those slippers (and can't wait to read your interview either!)

  9. Those slippers look a lot like Ballet slippers. Try adding a piece of elastic that goes from the outside of the foot, just below the ankle, over the top of the foot to the inside of the foot below the ankle.. It kind of needs to curve slightly to work best.. It's hard to describe but I'm sure you'll figure it out. It would be a shame not to make them more functional, they look lovely.

  10. awesome - I am so glad we have met! Your interview was a pleasure to read.

    slippers - cute. reminds me of some flats I have that are so cute but not so comfortable.

  11. The slippers look like something Audrey Hepburn would wear...function be hanged, those are adorable! (she said as she looked down at her utilitarian-and-ugly, multi-colored, polar fleece Acorns)

    Happy Weekend...


  12. i have been meaning to listen to spilled milk. thanks for reminding me!

    your slippers look so beautiful. i love the idea of cashmere-lined slippers. i hope you'll let us know how the next pair goes.

  13. We are so proud of you, Molly girl!

  14. What a great dream. Olymics and everything!


  15. I made those slippers and I too was a bit bummed about the functionality. I want to make the same modifications.

  16. I can´t find the "I like" button

  17. "more time to train for the olympics" LOL!! Dreams are so funny. You never know where they are going to take you.
    I dreamed the other night that our school was too full and we were getting kicked out. Funny the things happening in our brains!

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  19. nice dream! I have some space saved in my ipod just for your upcoming podcast ;)


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