Felted Wool Mistletoe

As promised, here's my version of mistletoe.

felted wool mistletoe

It's really super simple. I made it one evening using supplies on hand - just my kind of project.


Thin gauge wire
Green felted wool
White buttons
Red ribbon

felted wool mistletoe in process

Step 1: Cut small leaves from felted wool. I used an accidentally felted cable knit sweater, and the cables provided the perfect leaf shape.

Step 2: Cut an 8 inch long piece of thin wire (I used 24 gauge silver craft wire). Thread wire through the leaf using a running stitch, bend the end of the wire towards the back of the leaf to hold leaf in place.

Step 3: Thread white button onto wire.

Repeat these three steps to make as many mistletoe sprigs as you would like; the more, the merrier. Arrange sprigs together and use a small piece of wire to hold the arrangement. Curl the tops of the wire around a pencil. Wrap the cluster of mistletoe with a red ribbon.

I searched several stores for thin red velvet ribbon, but found none. All the large spools of white thread were gone too! I think it's a good sign and must mean that many people are making their own gifts this year.

I hung my mistletoe in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen, and I love it so much I want to kiss myself every time I walk under it. So make yourself some mistletoe and smooch away!


  1. I'm hitting up the thrift shop tomorrow in search for a green sweater! Thanks for sharing!

  2. love it! I have some scraps left from a blanket I'm working on, maybe i can work up some energy for this :)

  3. I like people who can do things.
    ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson~~

    Thank you for this wee bit of Christmas inspiration - it makes me happy.

    Merry Christmas...

  4. Argh! I love this so, so, So much! I know what I'll be doing tonight. Just darling! Thanks tons for sharing this, I'll be linking.

  5. As a new knitter, the term "accidentally felted" made my blood run cold :-) What a good idea to re-use the wool in this way!

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for your inspiration -

  6. hehehe. I know how you feel. I think blogging is the perfect way to show someone how much you love the things you make in a way that's not boastful. You make beautiful things. :)

  7. This is so beautiful! I may have to whip one up tomorrow night and put it in a surprise location we're renting for Christmas with all of my husband's siblings. It'll make for some sweet love for sure!

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  9. Aw I love these. Especially the fact that you didn't have to knit each of those tiny little leaves. ;)

  10. This is so cool! Man, I love you, Molly (even love your name). In my eyes, you're onme of the most talented blog writer I ever discovered in the worldwideweb. So poetic, often funny but in a wise way- and I like your ideas; simple, quick,creative, artsy- just what I need.
    bora from Switzerland

  11. This is adorable and so unique!

  12. absolutely positively beautiful. so happy to find your spot and your tutorial on headers. i'll be linking as so many ask me the same question. hip hip. xo.

  13. I know this post has been here for a while, but it's so cute! I'm including it in my Friday Favorites this week!


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