A Day Late and a Modem Short

Yesterday was the type of day my homeschooling dreams are made of. We started off snuggled in bed reading a book, then got up and drove 18 miles down the canyon, over the river, through the forest and back in time.

bench monday, historical post office edition

We went to the seat of the California Gold Rush in Coloma for Gold Days - a historical reenactment of life in the mid 1800's.

sawing logs

When I told Avery where we were going, she said, "Oh good! We can do Bench Monday there!"

avery in the mormon cabin

That's my girl.

After driving back through the forest, over the river, up the canyon and back into the 21st century, we came home to discover a lack of internet service. Talk about living history! I was secretly thrilled to live for a while without the internet. It certainly made it easier for all of us to stay off the computer. Instead, we made some rope (a skill we learned in Coloma) and then we crawled back into bed and read some more. It was a perfect day.


  1. ooh, what a perfect day in many ways, Molly ! :) So glad you have such a great time with your little ones ! oxoxo

  2. Sounds perfect to me ~ an interesting field trip and lots of snuggling with good books :)

  3. yum! a good day indeed. somedays I wish we never had computers. and, cell phones, and tv.

  4. i love that she's all over bench monday. you're raising her right, molly.
    these pictures tell such a great story about past and present.

  5. She's a beautiful girl! I am jealous of your God Rush days...that would be totally up my alley.

  6. Oh, I'd love to have been there for gold rush days! That sounds wonderful.

    I love the bench Monday pose. You can almost get a little glimpse of Avery as a teenager in that one...looking cool, not participating. (Remember that I have a teenage girl, so I know how they look in photos!)

    She looks more like herself in the other one. The old window frame sets it off beautifully.

  7. Perfect. Happy 'belated' Bench Monday...

  8. Ah. The perfect day.

    I love the title of this post.

  9. And did it follow up with a nice cozy stormy Tuesday?

  10. What a dreamy day!!!!
    I do love the way Avery thinks!!!

  11. Sounds dreamy indeed. We just finished reading a book by Sid Fleischman called "By the Great Horn Spoon," which, if y'all haven't already read it, would dovetail nicely with your field trip.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful day....love when those "happen".
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  13. Don't you just love it when a day like that happens? We live close to Old Sturbridge Village and go frequently enough that we can keep track of what the blacksmiths are working on, and how the chickens are doing at Freeman Farm.
    Thanks for this post, and your blog! It's wonderfully inspiring, and always makes me feel better about my own messy, crazy, fun homeschooling life :-)

  14. Sounds like a perfect day... What fun!

  15. Sounds wonderful! I love slipping into another world and time. We recently got away and had no internet or even cell phone services. The hush was amazing. I think we all could use some more days without the buzz of electronics.
    p.s. love that you came home and made... rope!

  16. sounds like a great, perfect day!


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