We've been making a few changes to our weekly schedule, adding some needed structure. It has been a very good thing. We are slowly creating times and places for all the things that need to be done, as well as the things we want to do. The changes specifically revolve around homeschooling, but as homeschooling is really a lifestyle for our family, the changes we've made have affected our lives.

I'll share more on our homeschooling choices later, but today I'd like to share what I've been making, for built into our new structure is more time for making things, which for me is ultimately making happiness.


Making more applesauce from our neighbor's apples.


Melting beeswax to pour into walnut shells I carefully cracked last year for this very project. Giving these sweet little candles to our new homeschooling friends (definitely more about that later!).


Crocheting lace from vintage thread that once belonged to my husband's grandmother.


Giving a gift to a new friend in the making. I can just imagine this jug cover over the top of her fermenting kombucha mother.

Making changes. Making room. Making friends. Making the life we desire.


  1. I love the crocheting, especially with the beads. What talent!
    I can't believe I've the first comment, I must have just caught it when it was posted!

  2. do you use your peels in the applesauce? I wash the apples really well and then throw them in, too.

  3. love your last thoughts!

  4. What a beautiful post. I love what you say about making time to make things; I need that, too. My grandmother and her sisters used to make crocheted snowflakes like your doily; they now decorate my (and all my family's) Christmas trees. Someday, I hope to learn how, too.

  5. Good post. Great thoughts. Gorgeous photos.

  6. I found your blog through The Organic Sister-Tara and I love it so much that I put it in mu blog roll. This post really spoke to me, I have been on the edge of moving in a different direction and wanting so much to make time for things that we want to do (homeschool wise) it's hard but I know for our hearts to be happier it needs to be done. Thanks for the inspiration, I will check in often. Peace, Dawn :)

  7. Lovely post, Molly. It makes me want to learn to crochet. The pitcher cover reminds me of the pitcher covers my mom brought from South Africa. The center was fine, fine mesh with crocheted edges and bead weights. Beautiful. Who would've thought something so practical could be so lovingly created and given, to be so lovingly enjoyed? Your friend is a lucky girl indeed.

    Happy, happy weekend!

  8. Molly! You are making lace!! Good thing I'm not your neighbor or I'd really feel the pressure (ahem Marjorie!).


  9. I love the idea of beeswax candles in walnut shells. And the lace looks lovely....I am always trying to refine how we spend time...it is so precious.

  10. I think we are in great need of making changes in order to make our lives what we want. Thank you for the reminder.

  11. There aren't really that many more things in this world that I love as much as homemade applesauce.

  12. Aw, Molly. You didn't tell me the thread was from George's grandmother! I didn't think the jug cover could be any more special.

    It doesn't look nearly as pretty on my kombucha jar as it does on your lovely white jug--but at the same time I think it's in a perfect place. It's resting over something that's alive, growing and changing. Like friendship.

    Go buy yourself a bottle of the stuff and see if you like the vinegary-ness of it. It's a little odd, and not for everyone. But if you like it and want to try making your own, I'll set you up with a kombucha baby. Birthed under the most beautiful blanket imaginable.

  13. Wonderful post. I made applesauce this year, also, but I used teeny apples. Wash, quarter, core, cook, then into the food mill to get the skins off.
    Love the lace, especially with the beads.

  14. I love the look of those walnut candles, makes me want to make some right now! And your very first photo gave me a sweet trip down memory lane, reminding me of being young and getting a turn at the old apple peeler/corer and my mom making pie filling to can.

  15. such good plans to plan it in...i tend to get busy with the busy and wonder where the fun of everything went.

  16. The walnut candles are absolutely adorable!
    A fall craft to try.

  17. All of the things you have been working on are lovely but the wee walnut candles really spoke to me:)

    This time of year, as we retreat back to the comfort of home, always brings out my creative spirit.

  18. Bees wax in walnut shells???
    OOoooooo love it!!!!

  19. My girls love the walnut candles and tiny candle idea so much that yesterday they just had to make seashell candles.

    That bowl of cores and peels is so appealing--I just love that photo.

    And the lace...exquisite.

  20. I really love your little walnut candles. They are so sweet and feel like autumn. also, the idea of putting a beautiful little cover over kombucha. Sound so lovely. Have beautiful weekend.

  21. at first i wondered what those strange spiral vegetables were in your pasta, ha! then i realized it was apple peelings and cores. hilarious.

    i love creating, but i have to finish the organizing end of it first, or else it all goes kablooey.

  22. I would really love to hear more about that much needed structure :)

    Applesauce is next on my list...well, after canning my salsa verde.

  23. love the jar doily, what a fun idea!! Life is so entirely what you make of it ;)

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  25. so so glad i found your blog! love the creativity and beauty here.

  26. I just found your site through Today's Mama-Just simply wonderful! I enjoy your writing and am slowing but surely learning from your tutorials!!!

  27. I always feel like making more things this time of year. That lace is so pretty, and I can't wait to hear about the little candles!

  28. HI Molly~
    This is such a beautiful post! Rhythm is something that we are slowly finding more of in our days now too...seems to happen with autumn, although with a new baby last autumn, it didn't seem like there was much of it (or sleep ;-).

    I love the candles...and the lace is just lovely!

    Happy Making :-)

  29. We have a half a bag of walnuts left over from last season, I think I will try your candle idea, so lovely!

  30. I am so enjoying reading some of your older posts, glad to have found your blog - via handmade home flickr pool.
    I love that crochet, so beautiful.


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