Pick a Hand Mom

That's what Aidan said when he came back from the chicken coop today.

Phew, he didn't ask me to pick a pocket.

pick a hand mom

This boy, and one of our Ameraucanas (Sally Mae? Aquamarine?), know how to make a mama happy. This is our first blue egg. I actually did a happy dance in front of the refrigerator after putting the egg safely away.

Thank you friends for all your encouraging and compassionate comments on my pity party post yesterday. You reminded me that it's perfectly normal and quite common to have a fragile egg day.

Today, though, is a blue egg day. And what a pretty hue of blue it is.


  1. Hooray for blue eggs!

  2. I dream in these colors, oh yes I do...these hues and bright vibrant orange yolk hues too.

  3. molly,
    this is an adorable photo of Aidan. frame it!

  4. Ah pretty indeed! So natural to balance a fragile egg with a blue one...isn't life wonderful like that...

  5. besides it being blue - that egg is huge!

    glad that your are feeling a little less blue too ; )

  6. We all have fragile egg days - I'm glad today is feeling more of a positive blue for you :) I've never heard of a blue chicken egg before - very intriguing!

  7. That's a great egg! I'm glad that you are feeling better!

  8. I love blue eggs. Blue and green are my favorite.

  9. I love that he asked you to pick a hand. He knew you'd be excited.

    Yay for days with blue eggs and happy dances!

  10. I love those blue eggs--I'm glad they didn't go in the pocket!

  11. What a cute picture!

  12. Your philosophy is eggsactly right!

  13. #1 - You're making me SO miss our chickens. It was the best good fun, and always a miracle to see grubby boys run in the back door squealing "LOOK! Look what was in the box!"

    #2 That face. So smoochie!

    #3 I want to print out your new banner and hang in ton my wall forever and always. This is such a lovely space to be in :-)

  14. Molly, just before I left home for a trip to Cali, I found one beautiful blue egg that I've been sooo anxiously waiting for! Now that I'm back, Mom saved a dozen for me! Oh the joy!

  15. I love blue eggs! Isn't that exciting?

    We've got Rhode Island Reds and Ameraucanas too and we love them! Our oldest son (5) sells the eggs but I have a stingy habit of keeping the blue ones for ourselves! :)


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