Then What Happened?

He breathed deeply, inhaling the curve of her neck. She smelled like a rose garden in June.

She stopped mid sway and lifted her head from his shoulder. This was the moment he'd been waiting for since the first time he saw her in town.

Her lips tasted like strawberries, but not any strawberry he'd ever tasted. More like the way he always thought strawberries should taste. Sweet but not cloying, firm yet yielding. This was a taste he'd never stop craving. Stopping at the berry farm on the way home had been a very good idea.

"You might want to take the keys out of the ignition. I'd hate for your battery to die," she said, a flush traveling from her cheeks down to her shoulders. She willed her knees not to buckle beneath her.

He stepped away from her, nearly running to the driver's side door. She put a shaky hand on the hood of the truck. It was warm, and so was she. Warmer than she'd been in years.

strawberries for dessert

Or something like that. We went down to the river for a picnic dinner again last night. I'm afraid I don't remember a thing my family said. I was in another world, another time, on a country road, in the dark, exploring all the possibilities such an evening would grant.

I do recall, however, that Aidan ate most of the strawberries. Feeling a tad adventurous yesterday, I sprinkled a little rose water over sliced strawberries for dessert. Avery didn't like them; she said they tasted like red licorice (her least favorite confection in the world). But Aidan and I ate them up. He even sipped the juice from the bowl when they were all gone. Poor George, I don't think he even knew that I packed strawberries.

I haven't written any fiction for more than a dozen years, not since I had to write a short story for my English 1B class back in junior college. I've always preferred research papers and essays. Dialogue, characters, plot? Never my strong suit. Twenty page paper opposing the damming of our favorite river? Bring it on.

I don't know where my snippet of a story came from, I have a few ideas where it's going, and I'm just so glad it's coming along. Thank you all so much for your kind comments on yesterday's post. I don't think I've even been so nervous hitting the "publish" button before.

Stay tuned for more. I think this might be the summer of snippets.


  1. The suspense is killing me.

  2. I am so eagerly awaiting the next chapter...another lovely post!

  3. loved it. And as someone with a degree in CW, I don't say that to any ol' snippet writer;)

    such loveliness in this blog-- I'm eating it up like...strawberries (though I think I'll stay with the plain variety)...

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2009

    sounds delicious - all of it.

  5. I've just learned recently that whoever said (was it Eleanor Roosevelt?) you should do one thing that scares you every day, was on to something good.
    Love it, Molly.

  6. So gifted!

    I, like Avery, am not fond of red licorice. But I'm in love with the pint.

    The pint of fresh strawberries, that is.

  7. Yes, please! A summer of snippets!

  8. Go, Molly Go.

    Suddenly, I really want strawberries!!!

  9. I know where it came from. You have it wrapped up in your heart, mind and life. It doesn't surprise me, however it does make my heart swell. Keep exploring who you really are, and you'll find who you should be.

  10. keep writing. snippets are good!

  11. lovely part two. i am glad that you pushed the publish button.

  12. Of course we ALL know the power of words, but might I share that your piece yesterday brought a tear to the beautiful eye of my 20 year old dolly...she is waiting for moments like this to be in her life and for her and in her heart, you touched something deep inside that is as sweet as the strawberries. Thank you and please do continue...catching quick jerked breaths as I read...

  13. I like what Tara quoted - about doing one thing that scares you every day. Good for you, Molly!

    btw, I did one thing that scared me yesterday. And loved it!!

  14. keep it going, I can close my eyes and pretend I'm right there enjoying the country nights.

    and the post from your dad just made me teary.

  15. hmmm.. talk about Summer Magic! And you say fiction is not your strong point?

    Thank you for sharing your imagination with us! I can't wait for more.

  16. Wow, interesting how you have strawberries intertwined in different parts of your life!Keep the story coming!I have certain music running through my head as I'm reading.

  17. Molly, this is great on so many levels - very nice. I don't usually have time to read the comments but today I skimmed them and saw the one from your dad - and I read it three times. Lovely. Kudos for doing this. Looks like I'm not the only one wanting to read more.

  18. Oh I adore that comment from your dad.
    I'm enjoying these snippets and looking forward to more. The summer of snippets...sounds perfect.

  19. Woo mama!
    You can't just leave us hanging here like that ; )
    I like that... the summer of snippets, thank you for sharing this part of you!
    Your Dad's comment is so touching!

  20. So wonderful! Wish I could write well. Nursing school squashed any hopes of ever writing in full sentences again. Love the note from your dear dad..


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